50 Mythical Creatures Challenge

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50 Mythical Creatures Challenge

Challenge made by: :iconhopeakorento:, :icontankero: and :iconagina:

1. Dragon
2. Centaur
3. Chimera
4. Hippogriff
5. Gryphon
6. Pegasus
7. Unicorn
8. Cherub
9. Elf
10. Fairy
11. Mermaid/Merman
12. Werewolf
13. Phoenix
14. Troll
15. Basilisk
16. Boogeyman
17. Vampire
18. Nymph
19. Hydra
20. Thunderbird
21. Quetzalcoatl (Feathered Serpent)
22. Kraken
23. Sleipnir
24. Kelpie
25. Rainbow serpent
26. Witch/Wizard
27. Faun
28. Ghost
29. Demon
30. Repo (Fox who creates the Aurora Borealis)
31. Angel
32. Naga
33. Salamander
34. Swan of the Underworld
35. Ent
36. Dryad
37. Sphinx
38. Mountain troll
39. Nine Tails
40. Snow Queen
41. Minotaur
42. Yeti
43. Cyclope
44. Harpy
45. Medusa
46. Satyre
47. Zombie
48. Valkyrie
49. Water Sprite
50. Grim
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I'll try that when I finish the #drawfantasy challenge from Instagram.
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So, I'v looked up Repo to get a general feel of what the creature is but there is nothing about it. Is it basically the same as Kitsune?
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Hello, Repo folklore:

"In Finnish, the name for the aurora borealis is "Revontulet", which literally translated means "Fox Fires." The name comes from an ancient Finnish myth, a beast fable, in which the lights were caused by a magical fox sweeping his tail across the snow spraying it up into the sky." :) I hope this helps!
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Sounds like a fun challenge. I've been considering the 365 day challenge but don't care for the themes as I like fantasy more, this is right up my alley and something I would love to try
count me in!
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Saving this for future reffrence-
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This is such a good challenge! I'm almost done with the sketches for each theme, soon I'll post my final drawings!
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Looks fun, I'm in -ю-
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Few things to point ya on
1.Salamander? T-T
And,A fox with nine tails is called a "Kitsune"
Sorry if i sounded rude
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I didn't want to edit this list when I created the group - and ain't going to change that now many years later. I wasn't original person who wrote these creatures as a list. There many others what are missing too like Cerberus.
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Ooooooooooooooooooooo! This looks like an interesting challenge! I would love to do this! I'm going to favorite this so I can come back to it after I finish the current challenge I'm doing!
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Ooo this looks fun XD IMMA DO IT!!!
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It's called a Gorgon, medusa is a type of gorgon, just though you should know
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I'd love to see the art inspired by this challenge. Is there a folder?
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Oo, might practice my new drawing tablet with this list...
I'm going to do it! :3
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Good luck and have fun! :3
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This seems fun to do. I'm going to do it.
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Good luck! :3 Hope you have fun with it! :3
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I hope I can do this all... Boogieman is.. going to be interesting.. I think it will be my 2017 challenge.
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Good luck for challenge! :3
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