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Green Masochist Auction Adoptable (CLOSED)

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Auction adopt!!

SB: $5/500 points
AB1: $90/9000 points
AB2: $120/12000 points (comes with 2 extra pieces)

Owner: :icontrash-princemp4:

Please reply to the last bid. Auction ends 48 hours after the last bid. (I lost internet connection right as I was about to leave a comment for bidders so just reply to Trash-PrinceMP4's bid LMAO I am so sorry sbdjsd)
No holds!

Please read my TOS before purchasing. Ordering from me means you automatically agree to this TOS. If any terms are broken, you will be blocked and blacklisted. I have the full rights to reclaim ownership of any character I give you if you fail to comply to these rules.

*You can upload my artwork to other websites, as long as you source to my social media accounts.
*Saying "credits to the artist" or "not drawn by me" when reposting my art doesn't source anyone to my social medias, so either repost with the source, or don't repost at all.
*You never have to ask my permission to repost art that I make, but it's appreciated.
*I will NOT send you the art without a watermark, so don't ask for it!
*Only pay when I tell you to.
* Please save the art. I will not be held accountable for replaced or deleted artwork.
*You cannot sell me back a character that you bought from me.
*Reselling, trading, and gifting is totally fine. If you resell the character, do not sell for higher price than what you bought for unless you commissioned extra art of them.
*Editing the design is fine. Don't edit the original art, under any circumstances. (Even if you change the gender of the adopt, do NOT edit ANY of the original art!)
*Don't make extreme changes to the design, unless you get a furry (or non humanoid) design from me, and decide to make them human.
*If you get a character from me, you may use them for both personal and commercial use. All I ask is that I'm credited at least once.
*Tagging me isn't necessary the first time you draw them, but I'd love to see.
*Do NOT claim the design(s) as your own.
*If you upload the character to, please transfer the character credit to fallenmagi.
*If the character is no longer desired, please do NOT give them to ANYONE on my blacklist. (Will link when I can!)
*You do not have to ask me beforehand if you do a three-way trade, though it's appreciated if it was discussed with me first.
*It isn't recommended that you trade for a character that's worth more than the one you got, unless you're aware of their value!
*If you trade for a character that costs more than the design you got from me/someone else, that is the only time I will allow selling for a higher price (even if they do not come with extra art). If I find out about you trading for a character with a higher value, and you try to resell that character later on (without any extra art included), please make sure you have receipts, or else you will be added to my blacklist for scam.
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