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As infinite as the stars by 5-prime, visual art

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Warframe | Fury of a hurricane by 5-prime, visual art

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Peddler of the twisted | Edgelord OC specialist | Gore and horror connoisseur | Addicted to ladies in uniforms

Flag of United Kingdom I speak English. Flag of Hungary Magyarul tanulok. Flag of Germany Ich lerne Deutsch.

Commissions: PM me

Trades: Mutuals only - If I watch you and you watch me, I'm down.

Requests: If it features my own characters, yes. If not, please navigate to "Commissions".

Pillowfort | ArtStation | Toyhouse | FurAffinity | SubscriberStar

Favourite Movies
Morgan (Ridley Scott)
Favourite TV Shows
Danny Phantom
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
God Module, The Birthday Massacre, Project Pitchfork, Nachtmahr, Linkin Park
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Painter 12 & Photoshop CS6
There are links to my active profiles in my bio. I keep it up-to-date. No, I'm not leaving DA, but I'm not going to be active either. For the past however many months, I've only logged on to fave a thing or two, maybe leave a simple comment, then vanish. Nothing holds me here anymore. Not even nostalgia. More importantly, I'm staying afloat by taking commissions. DA has always been a shitty place to take commissions, so I had to expand to other platforms for that. Namely FurAffinity, there's a link to my FA in my bio. And finally, I'm drawing things I enjoy drawing, including the really nasty stuff. Things I can't post to most places. So I looked around and found some places that allow the filth that I create. There aren't many, but one of them is SubscribeStar. Another link to that in my bio. Be warned that it is pretty nasty, but sometimes that's the point. Anyone who demands what artists can or can't make is just a dictator. Me and my wife put up with enough authoritarian
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anyone still active here??

5 votes
Yes, fairly regularly
Yes, but irregularly
Nope. Logged on just to answer this poll.
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if God made humans in His image, then God must have low self-esteem
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racism is bad. it's wrong to judge humans by the colour of their skin when their flesh all tastes the same.
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What's the best way to have a pop tart?

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  • straight outta the package
  • toasted
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Whaaaaaaaaaa I'm sorry I'm super late on this, but happy belated birthday!!!!!  I hope you've been well!!!!  ;o;/ :heart:
Thank youuu! ;u;/ i didnt even get to celebrate my birthday much, all the restaurants and events around me are temporarily closed. ;n; hope you got to do something special for your bday! ;w;
Ahhhhhhhh yeah man, it's been a rough time, sorry to hear that!! 

My birthday luckily was right before we got all serious about this, but all I did was have a few friends over for dinner, that's all, hahaha (and made them watch Dorohedoro, kekeke)
Happy Birthday!!! PARTY HARD 
:heart: I didn't get anything drawn in time this year but I hope you're doing well and I miss chatting with you~
thank you! I miss chatting too, sorry I haven't been around :c
You're welcome! That's okay. I understand IRL is hectic. ^^
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR, if my memos to myself are correct-!!!  I'm sorry to hear that things seem to be a bit rough for you at the moment, but I still hope that you've had a good birthday and that things get better for you soon!!!!!!  Sending you all of my best wishes!!!  :heart: