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Top 10 Things I Wish Nintendo Direct Announced

By 4xEyes1987
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Original Meme by :icondemitriamiriam:

This meme's for fans who had ideas they hoped Nintendo Direct would announce, like if they were going to say or post a video or news regarding Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2.

I'll upload an example soon, so keep your fingers crossed for any we might have in common.
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Mother 3 on its 15th anniversary

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um... lamprini's adventure because they never make this game

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Can't decide yet. I might go in the direction of spin-offs of pre-existing games, and maybe another sport-related Super Mario game. Just can't decide yet!

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I'm to lazy to edit the picture but I want these 10 these to be in direct

  1. Dixie Kong for smash

  2. A new switch update where the switch have more wallpaper and music

  3. Super mario galaxy 2 on switch

  4. A new Donkey Kong game like dkc remake or a completely new game

  5. N64 online for switch

  6. Mega man classic starring mega man 1-5

Ima think the other 4 things that I wish Nintendo had announced at Nintendo direct later