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My Top 10 Things I Wish Nintendo Direct Announced

By 4xEyes1987
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Despite Nintendo Direct returning, there wasn't much on the vid I was amused by, still, Pyra and Mythra joining Super Smash Bros Ultimate was awesome.

ANYWAY, Nintendo had some history with it's fans, and despite certain changes, we still hope for a few impossible things. Here's my list of what I'd like Nintendo Direct (or any other official source) to announce officially, whether it's Nintendo, Rare, Activision, or Konami, it would be awesome to hear that these will happen.

1. Donkey Kong Sandbox Game ~ Donkey Kong 64 was one of my favorite games, and the lack of DK sandbox games is pretty sad, especially since Mario's been crapping them out like Rabbit's rate in multiplication. We could see Donkey Kong, Diddy, Dixie and maybe a few old friends return as playable characters and fight off K. Rool (in another zany costume/persona/identity) and his Kremling Krew in multiple worlds or new locations like Mario did in his Sandbox games.

2. Mario & DK Sandbox Game ~ Having a game mash themes and characters from their respected franchises would be SO awesome (themes like Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy 1 & 2, Odyssey, DK Country 1, 2, & 3, 64, DKC Returns + Tropical Freeze)! Mario and Donkey Kong could work together to obtain Gold Stars and Bananas, face amazing bosses sent by Bowser & K. Rool, in an attempt to save Princess Toadstool (Peach), DK's family and/or food supply (his "Banana gorge supply" of course), maybe even the world. Implementing elements form the Mario & Luigi RPG series wouldn't be too bad either.

3. Banjo-Threeie or HD Collection ~ Rare is currently working with Microsoft, but they were nice enough to allow Banjo and Kazooie to come back home to Nintendo, so I kinda got bit by the wishbug at that moment. I'm currently hoping that another miracle can pop up in the form of a game collection featuring Banjo and Kazooie, where the duo tackle Gruntilda in 2 of their past adventures. And if they would rather do this, then I would want their 3rd adventure to arrive (Banjo-Threeie).

4. News regarding Zelda BOTW2 ~ I'm sure I wasn't the only one hoping for some news (or even new footage) about the biggest announcement of Nintendo's 2019 reveals: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. For now, Nintendo has nothing to say (STILL?!!!), so they either announced DLC weapons and challenges for Hyrule Warriors 2, or announced an HD remaster for the former flop of the Nintendo Wii, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Here's hoping later this year, BOTW2 will let out some new information or even a new trailer...

5. Bomberman 64 Collection ~ I was a HUGE fan of the Bomberman games released for the Nintendo 64: Bomberman 64, Bomberman Hero, and Bomberman 64: The Second Attack. So of course, I wanted a collection available for the Switch. The 3 all-together were better than the releases that followed (from Bomberman Generation to Bomberman R), so for the franchise, re-releasing their 3 most iconic and amazing games would benefit Bomberman's popularity perfectly. 

6. Goemon HD Collection ~ I was also a big fan of the goofy game series featuring a certain Mystical Ninja. A new game would be awesome to see for the Nintendo Switch, but I think fans would rather know who won their hearts before they even consider a sequel to a Goemon game. So I think an HD remaster of Goemon's Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 titles would be necessary to start the love. I'd also like to hear the music reorchestrated and maybe feature some English Voice Acting.

7. New Star Fox game or sequel ~ Star Fox has been a staple in Nintendo's history, so it would be nice to see a Star Fox game released for the Switch. The story however, is still in question. It could be a sequel to Star Fox Zero, an HDRe of Star Fox Adventure and Assault, or a new Star Fox game telling the story of what happens to the team AFTER Command. Whatever the title or game, I just want to see Fox & Krystal share the spotlight again, as a couple or married.

8. A Mario VS Crash game ~ I never really liked the Sonic games, and I never had a fondness for Sonic and Mario's "Sports" games, especially since my favorite Sonic canon (SATAM+Archieverse) is continuously ignored by SEGA in favor of Amy Rose and "Eggman"'s canon. However, I have no problem seeing Mario crossover with a franchise I liked in the form of a video game, so Crash Bandicoot was indeed a franchise I didn't mind seeing share the spotlight with Super Mario. But the theme of the crossover could be anything, whether it's a platformer, a sandbox, or (to my hope) a racer. Whichever one it is, I'm optimistic on the crossover.

9. Kirby 64 HD Remaster ~ Kirby', they weren't as fantastic as his N64 title (the games kept ignoring certain characters in favor of ones that felt out of place in the later titles, for instance, as cool as Meta Knight was, I didn't really see his reason for being in cutesy sugary games). I actually would LOVE to see Kirby 64 get the HDRe treatment, the music can be orchestrated while the layout can change into a mixture of a Pixar film and Disney's Fantasia.

10. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 ~ Last on the list is the hope that the 3rd Xenoblade Chronicle would be announced. With new heroes, villains, and an emotional story, the potential is mouthwatering! Still, I'm sure fans were hoping for sequels or remakes of certain titles, many fans wanted to see Shulk and Rex's story continue, and Xenoblade Chronicles X being remade is definitely a subject on fans' wishlist. Either way, seeing these or even one of these happen would be narly, dude!

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The Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Star Fox, and Kirby franchises are licensed by Nintendo.

Banjo-Kazooie is licensed by Rare and Xbox Game Studios.

The Bomberman and Goemon franchises are licensed by Konami.

Crash Bandicoot is licensed by Toys for Bob, King, and Activision.

The Xenoblade franchise is licensed by Monolith Soft and Nintendo.
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this list seems pretty good, I like this idea

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I agree on Banjo-Kazooie, the remastering of the Crash trilogy and the Spyro trilogy has been done, now it's up to Banjo Kazooie.

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  1. Kid Icarus for Switch (Kid Icarus Awakening)

  2. Pokemon Heaven & Hell

  3. Devils World: Saint's & Demon's or Devils World: Uprising

  4. Viridi for smash

  5. Sceptile for smash

  6. Tamagon for smash

  7. Zagreus for smash

  8. Fenyx for smash

  9. EarthBound trilogy

  10. Pokemon dusk Diamond & Dawn Peal

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idk nintendo doesn't like putting religious implications in their games.

also Giratina and Arceus are pretty much the god and satan of the pokemon universe.

this also why devil world never came out of japan and why it was never rerealeased and why nintendo doesn't aknowledge it outside of super smash bros.

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Set ur expectations way high
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at this point we need an N64 switch online collection, (and yes even with 3D Allstars we still gotta have SM64, considering 3D Allstars is limited)

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good choices

In my case:

Metroid Prime 4, Metroid 5 Nintendo 64 Online. Gamecube Online, a new StarFox sequel (though personally one set between Dinosaur Planet and Assault dealing with the death of Krystal's parents)

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i just want a Nintendo 64 Switch Online collection really. and any Mario crossover that isn't rabbids would work, idc if it's Sonic, Rayman or Crash. im mainly a fan of Sonic's games and the japanese/SEGA canon so i would love seeing something like a Mario & Luigi game with Sonic.

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Pretty good suggestions there, but I might do better (or worse if the case may be!)

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Let the fans know, dude!Sign Emoji-03 (Thumbs up)

Top 10 Things I Wish Nintendo Direct Announced
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OK, I'll show you my daft proposals very soon.

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I am excited for the upcoming Rune Factory 5, and Legend of Mana port coming to switch.

both were games I got into thanks to Youtuber Strain42.

Also I am not sure of the Miitopia port, cause I already have the original and have beaten it multiple times, but the new features getting added to the game are worrying me, cause of the crazy Miis people are going to make if the get the port. The horse is confusing cause of a certain dragon who joins later in the story. The dragon doesn't fight, but he is still a member of the party.

I still love Mittopia, but I will wait of on getting the port until some time. Once the port does come though, I will recommend friends to buy it if they didn't get the original.

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I would love to see a collection of goemon and banjo kazooie

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Agreed, Marcus McCloud's story would be awesome to see.

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