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After a scuffle following a fight against Crooked, Racist Cops, and their God, Shub Niggurath, the opposing teams of Coon & Friends and Freedom Pals tussled over who was the best Super Hero Team (for the 3rd time), until Mysterion revealed to Coon & Friends that Doctor T (Timmy's Superhero Identity) was working for days on the perfect Cinematic Universe for ALL of the superheroes in South Park. Moved by Timmy's attempt, Coon & Friends merged with the Freedom Pals to make their Cinematic Universe a reality...

...But one member, the Coon (Cartman's Superhero/Villain Identity) silently vowed vengeance against his former friends by humiliating them under the unconvincing identity of his hand-puppet, Mitch Connor, who he hid behind while committing heinous murders and crimes. The madman/spoiled brat forced the team to work harder than ever before, putting aside their differences AND their Cinematic Universe Plan (which Cartman destroyed out of jealousy and spite) to stop Cartman/Coon/Mitch Connor AND his co-conspirators before their archenemy can take office and become the new Mayor of South Park!

Current Freedom Pals members...

1. Kenny McCormick, AKA: Mysterion
2. Stan Marsh, AKA: Toolshed
3. Wendy Testaburger, AKA: Callgirl
4. Bradley Biggle, AKA: Mint-Berry Crunch
5. Craig Tucker, AKA: Super Craig
6. Kyle Broflovski, AKA: Human Kite
7. Leopold "Butters" Stotch, AKA: Professor Chaos
8. Tweek Tweak, AKA: Wonder Tweak
9. Scott Malkinson, AKA: Captain Diabetes
10. Clyde Donovan, AKA: Mosquito
11. Token Black, AKA: Tupperware
12. Jimmy Valmer, AKA: Fastpass
13. Timothy "Timmy" Burch, AKA: Doctor Timothy

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is licensed by Ubisoft, Comedy Central, and South Park Studios.
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