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Dragon Ball Villain Ranking Meme

By 4xEyes1987
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I'm thinking of expanding the ranks to include the sub villains in the group slots (like Red Ribbon Army, Shadow Dragons, Frieza Force, ETC.) and maybe a few I ignored, but before I edit or add anything, I'd like your feedback on this Meme. The Weakest Villains start from the left and leads up to the Strongest (thus far) up to the Right, and you can fill these by order with either the villains from another franchise (DC and/or MARVEL Villains and Rogues Gallery) or just line up ANY villains you see as the weakest to the strongest.

Remember to add your feelings towards the meme in the comments. And have fun with this if you ever want to use it.


The Dragon Ball franchise is licensed by Shonen Jump and Funimation Entertainment.
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