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Couple Meme ~ Dark x Morg

By 4xEyes1987
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The two can get a bit cutesy and lovey-dovey, so yeah, during the 90s, they were the top couple, rivaling my support for Sonic & Sally from SATAM+Archieverse.

I honestly hope the Ducktales Reboot has time before the finale to fit Morganna into the series and start some more Dark+Morg romance.

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Ducktales and Darkwing Duck are licensed by the Walt Disney Company.
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I desperately hope reboot DW gets a spin off. I’d love to see how morgana is handled. She was a fascinating character. Technically evil, but having a good heart. Plus, she was a working woman with her pizza company.

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Oh yeah, the pizza episode! That was an adorable one. It was also one of the few where Mort bonded with Gosalyn.