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[Personal] 2018 Summary of Art!!!



edit: I may not get to do a humanoid version ;;
edit 2: www.deviantart.com/4sparkles/a…

2018 was a wild year for all of us. here's to art!!! I tried to draw feral scenes for each, but in some months I didn't draw scenes so I had to make do. Here are credits and some notes:!

January: I was still drawing on my phone screen back then, wow. I remember being so proud of Flicker's little headshot in there!!! Part of Mothcats ' Into the Catacombs event. Characters included belong to @/MajikkanBeingsUnite , @/CrazyCat1231 , and @/loafdew

February: Crafting quest for Flicker's accessory!! aww, i remember that. characters @/MajikkanBeingsUnite , @/KinglyKingstone , @/hannahbonn , and @/LuckyTigress

March: still Mothcats , hah. I was so dedicated back then at least... i couldn't figure out how to use the comic feature so I just used the line tool lol. and between me and all of you... I only gave valor a crush on arty ( @/Raicatty ) because i loved his design so much!!!! I've since scrapped the crush.

April: I still think this looks nice... @/SkylerTheSkeleton 's characters are always so fun to draw. and listen, i have no idea who owns the other soulfox there. ( 1 point to nonmothcats for getting a drawing on the summary of art!! )

May: Around when I gained Fungus and Porcupine!!!

June!!!! Valor ended up getting mothcat pf the month the next month because of their prominence during pride month!!! uh, thank you sm to everyone who drew them that month (or ever!!!!!) AND!!! I GOT MY DRAWING TABLET THIS MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

July: mmph, water... Eilo belongs to @/Shadonut . I was so proud of this. Still am!!! My tablet is AMAZING to draw with.

August: Fuel to my ribbonfox hoard... @/Arquerite @/DarlingJess 's characters. @/Arquerite was so kind to buy the 'fox for me!!!

September: Part of my Pawsitivity Corner dedication. For almost 3 months I got 10/10 gifts done, I think. @/Furreon 's character

Definitely October, and not Sept. 30. (I didn't draw anything colored in October LOL) the banker ribbonfox belongs to Ribbonfox-Galaxy mascots/someone. not 100% sure. maybe @/KUROOOOOOOOO 

November: again, no scenes this month. busy time!! Trade w/ @/Chrysaiiah 

And, finally, December. 1/2 drawings this month so far, lol. both my charcaters!! woo!!

that's, i think, 8 mothcat months? i love mothcats.

anyway. i'm so tired, let me publish this. can't you waait for the human version...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

P.S. -- If any characters have been traded since the drawing was made, please do let me know!!! I'm just going by the descriptions.

P.P. S. GO CHECK OUT THE TEMPLATE's CREATOR!!!!!!!! www.deviantart.com/yorunaka/ar… IT"S A LOVELY TEMPLATE.
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Nice work this year!!