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Livewire Cosplay

:icon4shikatsu4: as Livewire

:pointr:Please ask me before using this deviation!:pointl:

Photo by Kashikosa (Animexx) at Hanami 2011 (Germany)
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NeversideFaerie's avatar
I'm so impressed! You've even used your own hair and made it blue and spiky.
RonaldinhoTEN's avatar
You my dear, get extra points for effort. Well done :)
mfleury75's avatar
Never seen a livewire cosplay before you did wonders with the costume and it is not an easy cosplay to do. Will you do her alter-ego too?
4Shikatsu4's avatar
Thank you very much!
Yeah, it isn't an easy cosplay and every time it makes me happy to hear that someone like my costume :)
If you mean this [link] Version I have been thinking about... but I think I wont do this the next time... but maybe later after I have done more "big" costume projects :w00t:
mfleury75's avatar
You've done a great job. I like characters with some kind of "before & after" thing going on, in Cons are fun to watch them coming and going. You've got great cosplays in your gallery...
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marhawkman's avatar
Nice work. :) Are you ever going to do her new look?
4Shikatsu4's avatar
Wow, I like it! I have no Idea how to do this Costume but I would think about it~ It would be cool to dress up like this :D
marhawkman's avatar
Hmm... I suppose you could start with a neon-blue bodysuit. the white markings on the arms and legs are actually stylized lightning bolts.
4Shikatsu4's avatar
Nice Idea. But to get the things for that is very hard and expensive in germany...
but I will give my best ;)
marhawkman's avatar
ah, well, good luck!
LadyMortiana's avatar
Excellent, absolutely excellent work! :) :)
SkeletonMurderer's avatar
Thank god SOMEONE finally cosplayed this damn character!
MoArtProductions's avatar
Did u put make-up al over your body?
4Shikatsu4's avatar
No, I only make-up my Face and the neck :)
I am wearing a pair of tights and the flash is painted on the suit.
MissMoonstruck's avatar
I have ALWAYS wanted to see a Livewire cosplay! Lovely!
4Shikatsu4's avatar
And for me its nice to have realised your desire :D
ArrhythmiaNyx's avatar
I'm not a huge Livewire fan but I know a damn good cosplay when I see one and you have done a fucking fantastic job!!! I've actually never seen a cosplay of her before so seriously, awesome job! :iconrlyplz:
4Shikatsu4's avatar
Wow! And thats a fucking fantastic comment! :D
Thank you very very much :)
Writer4Commissions's avatar
That's amazing, good job
LadyofSparda's avatar
That's a fantastic Livewire costume! :D
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eccentricass's avatar
You look amazing!!!
GoseiGreen's avatar
this is amazing :-)
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