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Witch's Night Out-1978-TV

Witch's Night Out-1978:

Witch's Night Out was a Halloween special that aired on TV for years, it starred the voice of Gilda Radner as the witch. The basic premise is a couple of kids who are upset over not scaring anyone with their Halloween costumes wish they could be real monsters, she appears (by breaking through a window) and turns them into monsters, while at a Halloween party, they scare everyone who in turn all run out of the house and in the stampede the witch looses her magic wand (that she used to change the kids into monsters and is the only thing that can undo the spell), at the end they get turned back and she changes everyone who was at the party into monsters and they have a party. This was one of my favorite cartoons to watch on Halloween when I was a kid and still love to watch it today.

You can learn more about the show on the Halloween specials blog: [link]

and on IMDb: [link]

and on wiki: [link]

And can watch the full episode on Veoh: [link]

and some single character posters:

Character poster for BAZOOEY: [link]
Character poster for TENDER:[link]
Character poster for SMALL: [link]

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