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Shizuru and Natsuki Evening by 4FaneBlackfireartist Shizuru and Natsuki Evening by 4FaneBlackfireartist
I wanted to take part in the Shizuru appreciation task on the Mai-Multiverse group.…
but I just couldn't get what I wanted to draw to turn out the way I wanted it to be. 
and in the end I drew this. I could have fully coloured it in, but I fell in love with it like this :heart: 
a lovely soft moment. Ended up being a valentines thing in my mind instead.

The contest could have been Xmas themed originally as Shizuru's birthday is in December.
And I had always liked the story of the partners who wanted to get each other a meaningful gift, but could not afford it. So to get a beautiful comb for his partner's long hair, he sold his pocket watch. Meanwhile, she wanted to buy a silver chain to match his pocket watch, so cut off and sold her hair to afford it.
And somehow I felt that these two suited this story so sweetly.
but there's still the plus of Shizuru getting to use her pretty comb on Natsuki's silky hair. And natsuki has a pretty silver chain, that I imagine would get put round Duran's neck as a collar.

As it was a victorian era-ish story, it also matched my 'what if mai hime took place in victorian London'. So they're in nighties that feel more from that time.
original attempts at portraying this: 4faneblackfireartist.deviantar…
ShizNat4EVER Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2018
This is very nice! Love how warm you've presented ShizNat here. Before I request to have it added to the group, will you enter this piece into the contest anyway?
Thank you very much ^^

and if I'd be allowed to, I'd love to enter it
ShizNat4EVER Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2018
Of course you are! I'll send the request now!
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