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quick and easy: Rivulets And Rain by ZedEdge quick and easy: Rivulets And Rain :iconzededge:ZedEdge 792 30 Ladybug Fanart [Full Body + BG Commission] by Kiriyan Ladybug Fanart [Full Body + BG Commission] :iconkiriyan:Kiriyan 179 19 Colour Splash by Lhuin Colour Splash :iconlhuin:Lhuin 1,733 54 Sword Art Online: YouTube by rossdraws Sword Art Online: YouTube :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 7,547 192 Sexy Red Head Pin-Up Girl, Fantasy Woman 3D-Art by shibashake Sexy Red Head Pin-Up Girl, Fantasy Woman 3D-Art :iconshibashake:shibashake 795 59 Photoshoot by Ankyuubi Photoshoot :iconankyuubi:Ankyuubi 41 31 The Dragon Cry movie|Fairy Tail Fanart|NaLu by shisaireru The Dragon Cry movie|Fairy Tail Fanart|NaLu :iconshisaireru:shisaireru 261 14
Fear Part 12 (NaLu)
It felt like hours before they were able to return to The Wandering Pine.  Shina, who had gone to town when all the commotion started (truthfully, she went after she started hearing what sounded like explosions), insisted they go on ahead without her, while she stayed behind to help sort out the villains with the town constable.  Estobar had been collected by Virgo, who dug to his location the moment she heard his body hit the ground, tightly binding him and returning him to the others.  Electricity still zapped along the ends of his hair and between his fingers, while the rest of him smoldered.  Burns, scrapes, and bruises covered what skin could be seen, and sand fell from his hair with any movement, but in Virgo’s mind it still wasn’t enough.  He deserved worse, but she still honored Lucy’s wishes, and simply kept him confined until the constable came rather than punish him.  Only then did she retire to the Celestial Spirit Worl
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Fear Part 11 (NaLu)
Natsu was only vaguely aware that Lucy and Loke had beaten their opponents.  While his senses were sharp, he was focusing the majority of his attention on Estobar, the Ring Leader clearly the chosen leader for a reason.  Once he sensed Loke’s departure, he risked a glance at Lucy, who stood with her hands clasped at her chest and her eyes on him.  There was something in her eyes he couldn’t place, something bright and yet dark, hopeful and yet fearful.  He’d looked so quickly he hadn’t been able to see all the burns marring her normally flawless skin, but he’d gotten the sense that something was off.  The tension running through her had to be there for a reason…
Estobar noticed the deviation in Natsu’s gaze and sneered, seeing the opportunity before him.  His previously impeccable clothes were filthy – covered in soot and dirt with more than a few places smoldering as remnants of fire clung to the fabr
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Fear Part 10 (NaLu)
The tremendous power and force behind Natsu’s agony tore through the illusion, a fierce gust of air piercing the mist and dispelling it immediately.  As Lucy watched, the guild seemed to burn down around them, ash raining down from above as the guild walls crumbled to reveal the red and white stripes belonging to the circus tents.  Those too, caught fire, crackling and curling back on itself as the edges turned black, releasing a toxic smoke that made Lucy cough and cover her mouth.  She was fortunate she was still on the ground, the smoke rising above her as she all but held onto the dirt for dear life, afraid Natsu’s power would quite literally blow her away otherwise.  
Regardless, she could not pull her eyes from the sight before her.  The image of Natsu filled with such despair made her cry right along with him, but he was also breathtakingly beautiful.  His hair fluttered about him, whipping around in the whirlwind created by his fire.
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NaLu MoL Cover by SabZac NaLu MoL Cover :iconsabzac:SabZac 283 52 Ladybug vs Chat (Noir) Blanc page 81 by Ankyuubi Ladybug vs Chat (Noir) Blanc page 81 :iconankyuubi:Ankyuubi 103 25 Commission-Marichat kiss by MegS-ILS Commission-Marichat kiss :iconmegs-ils:MegS-ILS 387 21



Summary -GarJill is living with the shadow of hes actions toward Levy. Bout what happens wen Levy don’t whant his bad conscience.

(sorry for gramma ect. Englich is not my primary language) AND: DO NOT OWN FAIRY TALE ORE ITS FIGURES ECT.


Fairy Tail Guield Hall.

Everything was as it used to be in the guild, someone drunk and partied while others .. "say that again and I flambé you" - "ye yes lout mouth" Gray and Natsu were at it again "Shout up or I arrest you" Garjill, he has been fond of the phrase after working with the counsel. "Year! You are good at handcuffs Garjill" Jet and Droy suddenly beside Garjill, while Natsu and Gray fought on. Jet and Droy had some sore faces. "What’s up with you guys?" Asked Levy, she had just gone by the group. "So what’s up?" Garjill snarled, with a dark look. "You said you would arrest them .. Well you've always been good making handcuff right Jet?" "yep Droy" the two looked at Garjill, ready to fight, Garjill had got a shadow over his face and was frozen. "STOP IT YOU TWO" it was Levy. "Hey" it was Natsu, "they have the right, without Garjills metal we had not beating the last monster .. although I obviously didn’t need the help that much "yes" Erza broke into "Actually Garjills metal was us several times" "only because I was not there "Gray broke in, and the fight between Natsu and hem continued. "You know Garjill" Erza looked close at the petrified man "I'm really glad you joined Fairy Tail, and you are one to whom I would entrust my life.. and I know Natsu, Gray and all from the Guild think the same" She stared evil Jet and Droy.

"It's ok" Garjill talked to the floor "I understand they do not trust me after .." He stared at Levy "you really should be on their side, shimp"


Garjill turned, to walked home.


“wait Garjill..” it was Levy bout he’d already gone.

“I have forgiven, and really Ii..” she wisped starring at the flor. – he did not hear me, she thought to herself


Bout dragonslayers ears were better than others.



Garjills POV

How could I think they would accept me, never…. and she.. she Sayed … forgiven, she shouldn’t not me..


Garjill stopped at a bridge and looked back at the town. He had a little house just outside of town, not too expensive somewhat secluded, well once but was a disbelievable, cruel anti friendly guy.

 It had been lonely after Panterlily went on a mission with Wendy and Carla. He hasn’t anyone to talk with. And now more than ever he needed somebody to tell him what was the last word that the blue-haired was about to say? Li.. something… lie perhabs – clearly she had lied – that must be it


"Wait Garjill"

He stopped

- LEVY !! –

his heart suddenly began to beat faster.

-not now stupid body, not her.


a picture that Levy crucified on the wood burning on the retina. to clenched his fists and hid his face in his mane of hair. "Garjill .." she stood next to Him out of beth. "What will you Shimp, go back to your worshipers they are better company for ... someone like you" he spat the last word out, witching she will hate him, it was the only right thing for here to do.



“you don’t say what I do or do not Garjill” She stod up and looked at garjill with her nut brown eyes.

A chill ran through Garjill when he looked at her.

 - She is to .. sweet, too beautiful, too much..

 "Do you think we suddenly besst palls after S-class tests? Well we'r NOT"

he stamped into the ground, tensed his miscles and stared at her. His heart protested, his whole body pulled him wanted him closer, her

- No, she is not mine

"Garjill, I do not expect we are 'best palls' I would apologize to fools behavior" She turned her head and blushed.

- Hmp- Garjille looked at here and coosed his arms.


Levy continued "it was unacceptable, I cannot believe they would say that." She lowered the head and clenched here fists.

 Garjill took himself getting closer to the blue haired maid

 -She really means it

"I have dissolved team shadowgir”

Garjil stoped

“no you shouldn't, I’m ok” he looked at her

-Shit I’m to close, what the fuck way


"I can not depend on someone who does not trust my friends" here eys wined.


“O – ok.. em.. well I gotta go, thanks for being nice and all. Though..”

“STOP IT NOW GARJIL” Levy shouted

“if you are so dam sorry for pinning mi in handcuffs then .. wat if.. I return your act“She took a step away from him and crayed “what do you mean?”  Garjill looked at her filing Cinda empty after she took a step back.“if…I.. lay.. you …in handcuffs.. then we are even right? And you would know it's ok I like you


-like… did she say that..

Garjills hart cheered.

He turned.

Levy looked at him.

“I ges it is ok then but. you have to determine time and place”

He began to walk.

“ok garjil” levy smiled weyed

“your house tomorrow evening. I’m in charge.”

“fine” Garjill walking faster hoping levy didn’t saw him blush.

-FUCK FUCK, tomorrow evening? My house what is that bookworm planning? it is almost igniting.






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