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The title sucks.... The title is sucking............
I asked what the best kisses were... and apparently sexy, lustful, pulling in were the best :o
--- I'm not really sure why, but I wanted to draw Sora in a guys school uniform :iconhmmplz:.... why does it always have to be skirts? :P
I'm currently working on one more couple kiss!!!!
I think I deserve a star for carving my signature into the bench ;P
and I want to thank =Sofua for giving me some tips on certain things and helping inspire the background for this pic :la:
I do not own these characters

Reblog here: [link]
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ojala hubiera pasado en la serie
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Great artwork, even if their relationship was not official in the series. We have at least your lovely artwork to our imaginations of what could have been or we wanted it to be. Speaking as a fan of Digimon, your Tai and Sora really capture the emotion between the two.
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I know, it was really sad when they didn't end up together.
I really appreciate that! thank you so much :heart:
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<3 it's just like Sora to wear trousers
4everbacon's avatar
I wish she would have stayed more of a tomboy in 02 :giggle:
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me to i always felt the writers from 01 and 02 were different i mean Sora was meant to be a tomboy and we all love Sora that way.
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More like screw me. :hmm:
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I wasn't really going for a "screw me" atmosphere, if that's what seemed to come off from the drawing... I'm sorry It's not that clear. :/
The title I choose 'Read me' was supposed to represent Sora's thoughts to Tai. (Or Tai's thoughts to Sora) Tai wasn't very receptive in the first season, he knew what was going on but when it came down to reading between the lines he fell s little short and It showed when it came down to who the 8th digidestined was. So, I attempted to age this characteristic as they got older and show-case it through this drawing. As if Sora has tried to show Tai her feelings, but he never got the hints. So, the only chance she gets is when they are alone (picture shows) and she wishes he could read her mind, so she wouldn't have to say it or be so blunt about her feelings.(visa-versa)
Leaving the title at 'read me' so the viewer can sit their wondering what was read? and who is reading who? what needed to happen in order for them to be sitting there?....etc :)
There always a reason behind some of the title I choose for my drawings and if you look hard enough you can see it right in front of you!
I hope that helped redirect your statement about the picture, that even though some drawing can look suggestive. Its not always about sexualization.
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That's understandable. :)
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The background looks smashing my dear <3
I totally adore how you made the bushes, it's lovely <3
When you make your background like this it gives it that extra. I'm so glad I could help you~
4everbacon's avatar
omg! thank you sooo much :heart:
you are the best hun :huggle:
Sofua's avatar
Anytime my dear ;3 <3 :tighthug:
Awesome kiss bacon, I think its fitting you put Sora in a boys uniform, she was a big Tom-Boy after all, plus she always looks good like that, although i think Sora looks good in most things lol. and your right that signature is a great touch.
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thank you sooo much my love :heart:
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Ooh la la! So very sexy. ;)
4everbacon's avatar
star500's avatar
Very nice=) and a little spooky too.
Sora is looking pale there and its night... is Sora a vampire?=P
4everbacon's avatar
you think so? :O
oh gosh no!! I just wanted a very secretive air to it :3 tehe
star500's avatar
You say that like Sora is not going to make Taichi her loving zombie.
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Know that is what I am talking about. I have been looking for others who belives in a Tai and Sora relationship.
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:highfive: woohoo! taiora buddy <3
I will always believe in these two! :heart:
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they have skirts because that is the standard girls uniform over in japan.
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