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United Genes : Divided Fate DD

"You mustn’t allow yourself to be chained to fate, to be ruled by your genes.
Humans can choose the type of life they want to live. (...)
The important thing is that you choose life. And then live."

~Metal Gear Solid
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It reminds me of back when naruto first got the kyuubi cloak, and sasuke first went ces2 ant the both hit with rasengan and chidori. [link]
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Words that make no sense to me in your comment: naruto, kyuubi cloak, sasuke, ces2, rasengan, chidori. :stupidme:

I'm just gonna take it you like that deviation and thank you. :)
This wallpaper looks absolutely amazing! I love it. However, it's a bit to small for my screen. [link] Would it be possible for you to redo it in 3360x1050 (dual 1680x1050's)?
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Thanks for the comment. =D Unfortunately I don't have this any bigger...
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Hi there!

I just got an old LCD monitor from a friend and decided to go dual since I didn't want to just waste it, I had a hard time finding a wallpaper that looked great on both monitors and this is absolutely amazing. I love the crisp colors, it really pops! I have my web browser on my full left screen and I see this beautiful blue side on the right. I love it, thank you very much!
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Hello! Thanks for the feedback, glad you found the dual screen wallpaper you've been looking for! =D Enjoy!
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Great Work.....
Awsome Colors... Congratz on The Great Piece Of Work...
Hadded To Fav Gallery
Greetz From Portugal ;)
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Thanks a lot Zugo! =D
Greets from Austria!
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I really like it, would you mind if I asked a favour? Could you change it if someone has the second monitor on the left side? I would really appreciate it.
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Glad you like it.

Here's your favour: United Genes : Divided Fate Reverse
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This is fantastic work. Great idea and composition! It looks very awesome on my desktop! :)
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Thank you for having it on your desktop! =D
Unbelievable dual screen wallpaper i've ever seen and best wallpaper I've ever had on my computer. Mad props
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Wow, thanks man! Good to hear! =D
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Thought you may like to see this:



4degrees's avatar
Awesome, looks great on your monitors! =D
Ishi-Eiketsu's avatar
Works very nicely. As my friend here said, "It's just pwnorama city." In English that means it's excellent. ^_^
4degrees's avatar
Pwnorama City! :lmao:
Thanks a lot for the nice comment (and the :+fav: of course), I'm glad you dig it! =D
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Excellent work! The perfect wallpaper for dual screen use.

I've got a question though. That's the first time I'm trying to use a dual WP and it doesn't work as it's supposed to. Instead of showing the blue part on the left monitor and the red part on the right I get a downsized version of the pic on one screen each. Tried several settings but nothing worked so far. Thx for any suggestions.

Again, great job 4degrees *thumbsup*
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=D Thanks a lot!!

It's quite easy to change that; right-click on your desktop and choose "Properties", go to "Background" and choose Tile for "Picture Display". Here's a screenshot I found on Google that shows you the correct setting for the wallpaper - click me.

Hope that helped, thanks again! :aww:
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Aaah, what an amazing dual wallpaper. Definatly using.

[link] Used on my desktop. Hope you don't mind! :D
4degrees's avatar
Thank yohohohou. :santa: ;P
Kitki's avatar
Quite welcome. :D
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tight as hell on my dual display. Had this thing for 4 yrs now and this is the first desktop that ive found for all the way across - and still looks sexy.
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