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Hoopoe Pirestess - Greyscale Series

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So here is the 4th piece in my series of digital paintings trying to depict some sort of new race of people vastly more connected with and protective of the Nature.

In this one, I chose the hoopoe bird as the main feature. I remember seeing them in the yard as a kid, dipping their beaks into the ground, feeding on little insects. They always held some magic and mystery to my little mind then, and to this day, I still get a little excited when I see one. That is actually what inspired me to do this piece. I suddenly started noticing more visiting the garden of my current home, sun birds too. It is most likely just coincidence, but I like to think that it may have a little something to do with my gardening efforts. Yeah, I'm going to stick with that theory... it makes me want to get my hands in the soil a little more than I have been doing in recent weeks. It's a good way to spend those little breaks away from the screen during the day.

Anyway... I spent a little more time on this than the previous pieces in the series. I struggled with deciding just how much detail to put in certain areas so as not to compete too much for attention with the face.  

Painted in Photoshop using an XP-Pen Deco Pro.

More about it on my blog, along with some process shots: eyekoo.wordpress.com/2020/08/1…

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