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Royal boop [FLASH]


Give your favorite princess (or queen) a little boop!
Just move your mouse right and left.

No Flash? No problem. The game has now been converted to HTML5.
Check it out on or

I suddenly had a little extra time and decided to make something quick. Turned out to be anything but quick - took me like 5 days to separate the laughs from the background music.
Before anyone asks:
1. I won't be adding anyone else.
2. They are not wearing their regalia because they are off duty obviously.

All laughs are ripped straight from the show:
Princess Celestia
Princess Luna (is it just me, or does this laugh not fit Luna at all?)
Queen Chrysalis
Nightmare Moon

Some other places you can find me:
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Cries because flash is dead

...except it isn't, it lives on in the form of a downloadable application that plays .swf files, called the projector content debugger.

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This is totally unepic. : (

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This game is so awesome! Keep up the great work!

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Hey, I hate to break this to you but, by the end of this year (December 31, 2020), Adobe Flash will stop distributing and updating, So just bare in mind that this game may be unavailable after December 31, 2020

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New fav thing EVER :3

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Was I the only one that thought Chrysalis would bite off the finger?
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Kiss your hand 3 times then post this on 5 other games then look under your pillow for a pink laptop
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i lov chryss ;3;
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i like how day breaker tries to bite ya
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Why is it, that frickin Daybreaker's laugh is the creepiest. Daybreaker icon 2 DayBreaker Icon 12 DayBreaker Icon 8 DayBreaker Icon 11 DayBreaker icon 9 DayBreaker Icon 17 DayBreaker icon 4 DayBreaker icon 3 Daybreaker's Laugh DayBreaker Icon 16 DayBreaker  Icon 7 DayBreaker Icon 15 DayBreaker icon 6 DayBreaker Icon 13 DayBreaker Icon 14 DayBreaker Icon 10 DayBreaker icon 5 DayBreaker icon 1 (My little pony) Daybreaker icon 2 (My little pony) Daybreaker icon 
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... i had no idea such a thing was possable on deviantart... im happy to be suprized thanks!... also gonna have to give a shout out for best character... my oc... sonic the chaos pony of dark hipsterisim....
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Celestia: You do it and I BITE your Finger off.
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dont eat my finger daybreaker MLP Fluttershy (Sad) Plz Daybreaker's Laugh 
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i'd love to see a creator version of this
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Please, Daybreaker, don't eat my finger.
DayBreaker Icon 10 
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Yes, and Nightmare Moon, please stop with that laugh. It sounds like that you are hatching a plan. A very evil plan.


1. Fool the humans
2. Use magic to break screen
3. Rule the humans world
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