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Royal boop [FLASH]



Give your favorite princess (or queen) a little boop!
Just move your mouse right and left.

No Flash? No problem. The game has now been converted to HTML5.
Check it out on or

I suddenly had a little extra time and decided to make something quick. Turned out to be anything but quick - took me like 5 days to separate the laughs from the background music.
Before anyone asks:
1. I won't be adding anyone else.
2. They are not wearing their regalia because they are off duty obviously.

All laughs are ripped straight from the show:
Princess Celestia
Princess Luna (is it just me, or does this laugh not fit Luna at all?)
Queen Chrysalis
Nightmare Moon

Some other places you can find me:
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This has a bit of lag on phone.But it was propably made for pcs