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Pufworld: Creator

Create, play, and then export your own game with cute little Pufs!

Welcome to Pufworld! Creator your own original characters in form of cute little creatures called Pufs. Play with them, feed them, and when you are ready, share them with the world by exporting your own interactive game!

Pufworld: Creator is a simple, but powerful tool, allowing you to create all sorts of fun and creative characters. Pick from large selection of elements including hairstyles, accessories, wings, tails, facial expressions, and many more!
Once you create your Pufs, you can then play with them, feed them, but most importantly: you can share them with the world! Pufworld: Creator allows you to export an actual interactive mini-game featuring the Pufs you created. Go ahead, try it yourself!

Exported games are created in Flash format (SWF), which can be uploaded online to any place that supports Flash applications. You can also open SWF files directly in your Internet browser, just drag and drop the exported file into your browser's window.

Pufworld: Creator has been in development for past 3 years, however there is still more to come.
Plans for future updates include:
- More stuff! Next release will add a slew elements in places that area clearly lacking.
- Ability to include same Puf parts multiple times.
- Online storage. Save your Pufs to the cloud!
And also, maybe one day:
- Ability to create your own custom Puf parts.
- Movie making tools and ability to export created animations as videos.

Finally, please notify me if you find any problems or errors! From application crashing bugs, to translation mistakes, I am ready to read any feedback you might have.
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Is there an updated version that doesn't require Flash, or perhaps needs a Flash substitute like Ruffle?