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Derpy's Story [Flash Game]

By 4as
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Sometimes it takes a friend to show you the way.

(Click a bubble to start the game)

Here are some tips / instructions:

  • Derpy will follow the bubbles that you control, but only if they are in her direct line of sight (Derpy will literally brighten up when she sees them).

  • You can make Derpy run by pressing and holding the left mouse button to increases the bubble's power, but do it for too long and the main bubble will pop. It recharges after a while, but in the meantime it casts no light so Derpy won't see it.

  • Amount of smaller bubbles = amount of lives.

  • Derpy will get bored if you stay in one place for too long; same if she doesn't see the bubbles.

  • Derpy will not walk into any harm on her own.

WARNING! The game requires powerful CPU so if you can't play it, here is a complete walkthrough: [link]
UPDATE 22.09.2012: The site-lock has been removed so the game can be played offline now. If SWF file won't work alternatively an EXE file is available here: [link]

People that made this game at least 20% cooler:

  • Forest Rain :iconlamoni: by composing awesome music and SFX for cutscenes.

  • Decibelle :iconprettykitty: by lending her wonderful voice to Derpy

  • Resonant Waves [link] by allowing me to use the lovely "Luna's Palace" and "The Temple of Rain" tracks.

  • PonyVisation [link] by allowing me to use the great "Everfree Shadows" track.

  • And of course, special thanks to RizCifra :iconrizcifra: for creating the inspiring "We Are Pilots".
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Yes, yes, yes! Thank you, 4as! I completed the game and took all the achievements!

Boże, coś Polskę!

My only complaint about the game is the control and behavior of Derpy with objects.

Derpy's Story7
1958lego's avatar

Please help!

How to avoid the trap on the fourth level?

4as's avatar

Fourth level is the one where you see a Timberwolf for a first time. The "trap" is the dead end with a muffin, right at the start. If you decide to pick up the muffin and then get Derpy hurt while trying to leave the dead end, you have fallen for the trap. To avoid the trap you have to pick up the muffin and NOT get hurt. Currently there is only one way to do this: once Derpy eats the muffin hide your bubbles from her - Derpy is literally invincible if she decides to move on her own, while the bubbles are hidden. In other words, let Derpy leave the dead end on her own, do not try to control her, and she will leave it unharmed.

1958lego's avatar

Thanks. But how do hide the bubbles?

4as's avatar

"Hide your bubbles from her" as in move them away from Derpy, somewhere where she won't see them.

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By the way, why was this game created?

Why this idea? Why is the main character Derpy?

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Well, it's just as the description says: Derpy Story was inspired by "We Are Pilots" comic by RizCifra. I saw it and I thought to myself "this could be a cool game." Then I sat down to it and actually made it.

1958lego's avatar

Thank you, sir!

By the way, how to put all your games in separate files on some site? For example, "Game Jolt".

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Я прошёл игру и собрал все кексы.

И только что, пройти игру с игнорированием всех маффинов, но на четвёртом уровне получил плохую концовку, Где Дерпи улетает.

Спасибо за игру!

1958lego's avatar


I passed this game and didn't cry!

Thank you, developers!

4as's avatar

Yay! Thank you for playing :)

1958lego's avatar

It is a pity that the Flash Player program will soon be closed and we will lose a lot.

By the way, I passed this game at about eleven o'clock Moscow time, four hours after that, I wanted to cry.

Maybe it's because of the atmosphere of the game or the fact that I lost my health for Derpy and once got a bad ending.

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what will happen to this game after flash gets taken down?

Very good game. Thank you

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amazing game!!! well done!
4as's avatar
Thank you!
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You're welcome! How did you make the game?
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OMG, you sure know how to make a Derpy fan happy!
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This was so adorable! Love 
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OMG!! Sooo Cute.

MLP Derpy Emoticon Gif Derpy Emote icon -F2U- Derpy Hooves Avatar Chibi Derpy Icon Squishy Derpy Icon Squishy Derpy Icon Squishy Derpy Icon 
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I love this so much! Squishy Derpy Icon Derpy 
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