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Sneak preview of the upcoming story arc in #ssnpp

Ch 01  004  panel 3b sample

Ch 01  004  panel 4 sample

I am not being subtle about this AT ALL. 😆

Ch 01  005  panel 6 sample

The physical comic issue is available for sale now!

(costs vary depending on location; if you're in in the U.S. it'll be a lot less pricey)

Ch 01 preview IG 06

Will post the online version eventually on my WebToon, and possibly here as well. We'll see.

That said, I REALLY need to get back to updating my WebToon :skull: I was pretty burned out having to redo all the panels for scroll mode. For this next chapter I was a lot keener on making the panels easier to swap between comic pages and device viewing. So once I get through posting the rest of the first arc, it'll be much smoother sailing~

(also still planning to officially put stuff on Patreon; it's definitely going to be a busy rest of the year...!)

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Mr Crow

Some familiar names, some new names; just wanted to spread da lurv ( ノ ゚ー゚)ノ stars emoji


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Flats more or less done?? D: Shading will probably be a lot quicker; then just throw on some Overlay layers and the whole thing will look v'ry nice. When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

Ch 01  015  flats only

Whooo, crowd shot.

Her Hair Takes So Long To Draw Lol

(lol, her hair..... why did I make it so complex ¦'D)

My printer got back to me and he said I can submit the file sometime next week! Let's goooo; all or nothing!


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Pages are all inked and coloring is under way. laying down cat emoji

Ch 01  ALL inks

I took a 2½ month break to work on the other comic but this one will hopefully be done in time for...

CCR 2024 ad

If not CCR, then at least for summer and beyond. We'll see~~~

(I'm also going to start finally using my Patreon to upload stuff, once things are less hectic; it's the same username as always) #webcomicwednesday

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Still keeping busy...! I realized I didn't post anything in February at all (and just one piece in January), but a lot of stuff is in production. I've also been terribly sick for the past eight days 😷 just tons and tons of mucus/congestion every day + excruciatingly hard to fall asleep at night. I started on some prescriptions Friday so hopefully it'll done with sometime next week.

As far as new art goes, I downloaded Nightshade but I do all my work on an older gaming laptop so still waiting for some new RAM to arrive in the mail before I can give that a whirl. (I don't know if I need to say it, since it's been said everywhere, but I accept that AI image-generating can be a tool. I'm all for it being used to sample things in the public domain, or work that's so ubiquitous that it's plainly obvious where the source comes from, stuff like Darth Vader and Starry Night by Van Gogh.) I draw the line at sampling living artists and their specific works or styles, especially when it was done without consent. *shrug* If somehow I get in trouble for protecting my work with software, at least I said my piece on the matter. :shrug:

SSnPP is still coming along (I swear :XD:). I'm moving the debut of the finished first issue to probably May. My first convention will be Comic Con Revolution around that time. Still need to tidy up the script and decide what my color palette going forward will be.

Also! I'll be collaborating on a graphic novel with sweet-suzume throughout this year and the next. :) It's a entire story she wrote and I'll be bringing together visually. While I can't say too much just yet, I wanted to share some portrait studies I busted out over the past month:

face studies  ALL

You'll be seeing a lot more of them in the months to come (some perhaps much slower than others; you know how it goes with long-form comics... 😂)

Back again soon with new work~

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