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Thank you dA community for the Daily Deviation (as well as all people who liked my recent entry for #dAtutorialCat ) ...!

To pay it forward, here's some underrated newer artists who I wanted to spotlight:




steampunk telpher


Steam Pilot 12.net


Witchtober STEAMpUNK


Maybe red is like Roses
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Congrats on the DD! All the pieces you featured look amazing, whoa.

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Yeah, I dunno if it's just the way the Internet is, but people who joined dA more recently have a much harder time getting discovered, even though their work is jaw-droppingly good.

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Sweet collection!

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There's treasure everywhere (on this site)...!

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I have long said that isn't the pornography and utterly tasteless crap on deviantArt that is my problem, it is the overwhelming amount of jawdroppingly good stuff.

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"An embarrassment of riches" as the phrase goes...

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Congratulations, that’s awesome!! And thank you so much 😁

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yay congrats :D

Also amazing artists I have never seen before :D:D

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omg is that a shrimp tempura? Oh no it's so cute but I also want to devour it... I mean, thanks! :love:

I've been wanting to do a spotlight-style journal entry for a while now...! So many newer artists showing up here with the MAD SKILLS. 👀

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I have no idea but now I am also hungry.

I also been thinking about that too, I have some new and old artists I watch-they just have no followers are they are mad skilled and I dont understand!!!!

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these look very impressive.

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I think so too. :D

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