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Trying something a bit different this time! A bit more diagrammatic-style concept art. :dummy:

I've been a fan of StarCraft for like 20 years now and I've always wondered "how do those Lurker spines work anyway??"

While creature design is not my strongest suit, I really wanted to try and give it a shot. :P

StarCraft, original Lurker concept © Blizzard Entertainment
art, additional concepts © 47ness


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excelente trabajo y maravillosa teoria de la unidad zerg

just shoot thorns under the ground source starcraft frontline and starcraft soldier

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Heh. With such a vague statement, one's imagination tends to run wild. ;P

This one caught the eye of some of the former Blizzard designers (now working at Frost Giant). Their answer was just maybe/maybe not.

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thanks :D hopefully I can get another one of these done soon~


Give this man a PhD in zerg biology! By the way, there is an artwork of Impaler, the closest thing to Lurker Shoot it tentacles from it back so I guest you,re correct about Lurker Spine-firing mechanic.

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:XD: haha thanks!

I figure, like with most of the animal kingdom, the firing mechanism travels the path of least resistance (as far as the job of wrecking havoc on an enemy army) :P

Nice. Hope to see your's other zerg spieces bio mechanic too, like ravager or broodlord.

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haha, it's a thought... ;P

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Oh my god you're a genius
I've thought about this so often as well, but always imagined each spike to be on their own tentacle - like a Spine Crawler as you said (well, or more like a Sunken Colony from Broodwar, which actually digs through the ground). But that just didn't work out as that would be far too complicated. I've never had the idea there could be several spikes on one tentacle. So I gave up and said there is no way Lurkers actually attack like they do ingame, just like the ingame Hydralisk attack looks a bit different from the cinematic one. You must made my day, finally an explanation for how Lurkers could work!
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Glad I could offer some insight! even if it's purely artistic speculation ;P

(Yeah, I noticed for Broodwar Remastered the designers retooled the hyrda to make it more realistic it can scoot around on that slug foot; guess it's more like a centipede now)

Thanks again for the thoughtful words. :aww:
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I just had to watch some videos to know what you mean since I only play SC2 (just played the Remastered campaign once) haha
I don't think it's supposed to look centipede-like, the animation is just kinda hard to make out since Blizz didn't have a lot of frames to work with. And it wouldn't make sense for them to change how the hydralisk moves, it has always been snake-like.

You're welcome :D
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Haha, I get ya. I just remember being a kid in the late 90s/early 00s drawing the hydralisk based on the old CG model and thinking "this really doesn't make sense" so I appreciated the changes.

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I can remember playing against my sister: she was the Terrans, I was Zerg. I'd semd Zerglings and a couple of Hydralisks, but bury most after I destroyed her detector units. Kept them off-line with Lurkers until I was ready for my final wave, and with my approval her friends turned off the Fog of War. I just heard a long, "Nooooooo!" as I sent my swarm in to completely annihilate her base. Good times... Love me some Lurkers. =D
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:XD: :XD: :XD:

That's amazing; thanks for sharing~ :aww:
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Very intresting theory.
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Glad you think so! :D
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I can think of another question regarding Starcraft: how do you fit 8 SCVs into a dropship? Concept art makes them look like they’re between a marauder and Goliath in size.
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Oo, yes. I need to do an analysis of just how the Dropship/Medivac cargo configurations work Really Makes You Think in 360 I've definitely thought a lot about how the SCV gets treated like a small unit, when the official Blizzard art clearly doesn't square with that.
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Great job, after watching your analysis my guess is that they indeed have a tentacle behind their head carapace, that is moved by the same high pressure launcher they used when they still were hydralisks, or they shoot a symbiote that quickly digs and spike ahead...

But by watching game renders, i see a great emphasis on their head horn on all of their skins (except the impaler strain), maybe it's also that they shoot their horn somehow or that it acts like a tentacle,since their unit portrait is way different if comapred to their in-game model.

All Lurker's in-game renders until now (WoL, Impaler, Lurker Campaign, Lotv, Leviathan, Portrait, Hologram, Primal, Mecha, Cerberus)

Lurker Renders
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Yeah, I had spent a good chunk of time figuring how how it could shoot its spines from the forward configuration, which would have involved the lurker splaying its carapace open (and/or having a tentacle that fires out through its frontal cranium).

As biology often reminds us, the path of least resistance is often the more realistic option, which led me to considering the aft-firing config. :)
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Can you do more of these for other star craft units and structures?

How do Protoss structures work? are they even manned (except the Nexus).

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