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TotalBiscuit tribute

Tribute to John "TotalBiscuit" Bain aka The Cynical Brit (1984 - 2018)

I mostly knew him through is tireless, always delightful work in the StarCraft II scene so I included him in his trusty Axiom eSports cap (a team he created)

art © 47ness
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I was really down when I read the news. He was quite a guy that inspired many with his "just go for it" attitude. Rest in peace TP and all good wishes for his family and friends. He will be missed. 
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Yeah. :( May his legacy of inspiring the masses carry on.
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May it be so. :thanks:
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<3 So much love for this :( he will be missed.
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Yeah.. Emote - RS with White Flower 

I really only followed him for his work in StarCraft 2 and tuned in for this or that "WTF is..." review, but man. What a giant in the biz and to see him gone at such a young age.
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I watched him a lot when he did the wow videos. He will be missed :(
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I'm so glad nobody in your comments is being a tool like so many other people - this is a nice drawing. 

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Haha, thankfully I fly low enough below the popularity radar that I don't attract trolls. :XD: But I know watcha mean.

sad daiz 
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I'll never forget the Terraria series he did with JesseCox - one of my all-time favourites.

RIP bud.
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Rest in peace, TotalBiscuit.

He'll will be missed dearly...
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Very much so~
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When I saw the news about this guy, I thought of you...
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I don't think I ever talked much about TB? At one point I was sitting right across from him at a hotel lobby during the Blizzcon pre-show, but I chose to talk more with some other personalities. ^^; At least, the tribute's being well-received in the community (his widow retweeted it, I believe)
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No, you didn't talk about him, but it seemed so context-probable...
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Sad news indeed, fuck cancer
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He will be missed.
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