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StarCraft - Solidarity

Drew me a coupla round bois (and a thin boi)

Originally this was just going to be a for-funsies pic, but given recent events with Blizzard + the future of their esports scene uncertain (in particular SC1 and 2, which I follow daily), I wanted to dedicate this to the folks out there who keep said scene going, regardless. :thumbsup:

(download for full size; free to use so long as you credit me)

designs, concepts © Blizzard
art © 47ness

In case some non-fans are wonder, the Protoss Reaver (on the left) is in fact inspired by the Ohm creatures from the Nausicaä anime, as confirmed by the SC design team. :nod: I'm preeetty sure the Zerg Infestor is loosely based off it as well. :XD:
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I really like this one

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Nice idea indeed!
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this is a very beautiful art of these unit!
my favorite unit in StarCraft 1
i really love using them to clear those Zergs so much hehe :D
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Haha, yesss. :iconexplodeplz:
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These look like ohms to me and they're super friggin' cuuuuteee, wahhh love this!  *0*  Fun that they really did take inspo from Nausicaa!  
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Haha, cute but the gold one shoots explosive energy balls and the dark one can throw corrosive fungus on you. ^^;  Silly, silly round bois.
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StarCraft 1 and 2 were amazing. I miss Blizzard!

Lovely shading and lighting, and a really sweet, hopeful message!

Even though I am a Zerg player mostly...En taro Tassadar!
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Thanks. :D I guess to this date I just can't quit it.

More or less what I was going for, yes. :peace:

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I still play the coop missions with a friend.

A great game doesn´t stop being great just because it gets old.

Great picture. Let's hope that Starcraft will live forever, whatever happens. This is a unique game.
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Indeed...! I'll most likely be there for the ride! :dummy:
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Yah know, the investor and Reaver are very similar in shape, but why the ghost?
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Well it was just going to be a Protoss and Zerg unit, but then the Terrans out there would have felt left out so... Twitch Emoticon - Kappa 
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Good point, still it's a great work
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Very great job :la:
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The golden creature looks (almost like) the Ohmu from Naussicaa Vally of the Wind.

Looks amazing by the way, great job ^w^
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Yup, as confirmed by the design team themselves. :>

Thanks a bunch. :aww:
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