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SSnPP issue 1 cover

Final cover art design for Issue One~! :D

(the thin black line border is Web-only; in actuality, that's where the prints will be cropped off)


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the comic

© Alejandro Lee, 2009-2010
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YAY~ Finally found you again after over a year, to find the comic finished <33
I love this entire comic, thank you sooo much its gorgeous~<33
*super hugs*
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Yup, done! On to the next one / time to turn this one into a cartoon. :XD:
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ahhhh! i'm in steampunk comic heaven tee hee  APH Italy Roll Squeal 
Discovered you via Sio64
47ness's avatar
Llama Emoji-22 (Waving) [V1] 

Enjoy the quasi-Victorian madness~ (all I ever do is steampunk, if I can help it XD)
silver-rose900's avatar
I most Certainly  will Fangirl Squeel Emoticon :happybounce: 
0-DarknesShade-0's avatar
Well... better late than never! 
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Dude, this looks really good!!! I'll start reading now :D (Big Grin)
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Oh, thanks. :) Enjoy!

*working on my newest page at the moment*
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I'm gonna read your comic~
and there's nothing you can do about it neEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEE!!
47ness's avatar
Oh yeah? OH YEAH?!? :iconguaahplz:

I CAN— ….....eheheh, y-you literally caught me at the tail end of an ill-conceived all-nighter. I gotz nothing. :iconwarmandcomfyplz: Good night.

That said, enjoy!! <3
EthemyArt's avatar
haha aww go get some sleep!
I am so far! am up to chapter 6 already haha
47ness's avatar
Oh, sounds like you were moving along nicely. :aww:
EthemyArt's avatar
yeah ^ ^ where do you get your inspiration from btw?
47ness's avatar
Hmm... I suppose from a lot of different sources and no specific place in particular?

I always liked robots since the days of playing old-school Mega Man as a kid. I started catching glimpses of steampunk in films like Back to the Future III and the short-lived series Brisco Country Jr. (both are Wild West settings) and then really got into it with Last Exile in 2004. A lot of the elements with Sally I got from Gunslinger Girl, with obvious changes to the tone. But otherwise it's just been me trying to do my own thing, and not be dictated by prevailing trends. :B I know a lot of steampunk tends to be set in quasi-Europe, and also tends to be, well, all sexy n' stuff, but I'm purposely trying to stand apart from the crowd...!

I'd also mention my desire to make an original comic like this was influenced by the Flight anthology that was headed by Kazu Kibushi. Something about seeing comics that could far exceed the existing 'look' and feel of the mainstream comic industry was the spark I needed to just keep going and not look back. :)
EthemyArt's avatar
I've not heard many of those films apart from Back to the Future
but they do sound interesting! And I like that you are doing a good
strong sense of non-sexy steam punk as that seems to be about here
and there, yours is nice and traditional to what it is (hoping I've worded
that correctly!)

Oh really? What do you mean by far exceeding the existing "look"?
47ness's avatar
Ah, thanks. :dummy: There's nothing wrong with sex appeal in steampunk, but I get weary of seeing steampunk being reduced to just sex appeal, to the point where steampunk is just 'seasoning' rather than its own a genre. ^^;

I feel like I'm at least a ~little~ vindicated when professionals tell me they want to introduce their young kids to my comic and the genre in general.

The "look" of comics being flat colors on black lines (either funnies or superheroes), though I personally grew up on Calvin & Hobbes whose creator Bill Watterson was a huge advocate for rich illustrative style and breaking out of the panel-to-panel format. :nod:
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I'm here once again lol

Let's do it.
47ness's avatar
No, god no. Those pages are 5 years old.

I plan to rewrite the first three chapters completely (since that's where the story needed to establish a lot of core principles for later)
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Oh gawd, the corrections vortex.
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:iconblackholeplz: <--[sanity goes here]
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*Squee* Oh my goodness, I love this, thank you! :D
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