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SSnPP - Epilogue - 005

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Thank you for reading!! Your comments were colorful and a real delight. Grin revamp

(As I mentioned before, you're reading an older version of the story- I've since made a bunch of improvements to the first three chapters + slight fixes to the epilogue) I'm all the more flattered you liked it so much...! :aww:

39 tuzki EMOticon

And yes, adventures To Be Continued...

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Cute last panel! In special with the thicker outlines ;)
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Haha, I dunno if I intended for the lines to be thicker, but I think it works okay for the 1-2 effect with the last two panels (full-body shot --> closeup shot) :meow:
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Oh yes, I see ;) Worked really fine ;)
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Ha ha, love the panels with Spurs et al
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It's... not much for Spurs and his crew in this story overall, but yeah- with Morticus dealt with, it makes sense to hint at him being the next big bad. ^~
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To me, once it seemed more or less apparent that there was no direct connection between the actions of Morticus and Spurs, it stood to reason that Spurs wouldn't wind up being dealt with quite yet, ha ha.
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;O;!! <3<3<3
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