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SSnPP - 01- 001

Chapter 01 - Page 001

[12-28-10 UPDATE: I'm in the process of replacing all my older pages with more revised ones]

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I'm here again refreshing my memory of the story.

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About to finish newest page. XD;

...i need sleep. ×,×
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Gawd. XD;

I want to rewrite and redraw this story. so. hard.
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I have to actually do that with a lot of Theresa and I'm not looking forward to it...

But better now than later, right?
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Wow. I love the scenery surrounding it - gives the story this real sense of "place". Especially the dead branch that's so far away from any trees. Things have happened here :D

I can really hear the sounds~ possibly because I know the plot involves inventing, but the wagon... thing (lol, articulate) reminded me of Belle's dad in Beauty and the Beast. :D Which is always good. :nod:

(Now that I've started to comment, I'm likely to say something on every page xD)

Great opening!
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(Wow, r-really? ^~;; Remind me to ransack your works some time soon...)

I was planning to work in at least a quote or two from Beauty and the Beast later in the story. You'll deeeefinitely be the first to catch it. :XD:
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(I have permission to badger you to visit my page? xD That was probably a bad idea. Kinda makes me feel like you're gonna come inspect it lol gallery cleaning time!)

Haha. Let's hope so ^^ I love Disney~
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Nice wild western look wilderness. Like it.
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Nice first pic, introducing the adventure environment ... deserts are always a good place to start with =D In particular I liked the large first panel, the skies went out well ^^ And y sure, cool vehicle! =D
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Thanks, the sky was a pain to figure out. And I still need to decide on a color for the sky (for when I do cover artwork). XD I feel like this world is 'too strange' for a regular blue one.
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Welcome! ^^
I agree ^^ Maybe a light red tone?
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Yeah, something a little "off" like that. ;Þ
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Oh god. This is going to be good.
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