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Noirtober Day 11

"The Rain"

More of Detective Luckyloo here.

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Quite the pair.
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I'm thinking the girl is more of a child coming of age, and the detective is simply a hired ace doing their job. :nod:
pearwood's avatar
Yes, I can read it in their faces.
zkfanart's avatar
Film Noir without a rainy night scene is not a Film Noir ;)
Well, also the inspiration from Blade Runner..... ;)
Must say, the detective is so charming in this pose. Granite face indeed ;)

47ness's avatar
Hehe, I was definitely going for a mix of charming + various detective traits.
zkfanart's avatar
And you did it really well ;)
Laitma's avatar
Oh noooo, what's gone wrong-!!  *0*
47ness's avatar
Mmm, dunno~?

I think the girl is just being sad, thinking about the doggo boy who died a few pages earlier. ^^; It's like a quiet moment between all the CHAOS.
inisipis's avatar
Wonderful piece.

Makes me wonder, have you tried doing some Gothic horror stories. I your style would suit it nicely.
47ness's avatar
Nah, Gothic horror isn't my thing. At least not as a main genre; it might bleed in around the periphery though... ;P
sweet-suzume's avatar
Girl in the foreground: "...and it was a terrible day to wind up losing my umbrella!"

(but at least Luckyloo has a back-up)
47ness's avatar
That's ...entirely possible. I ended up keeping this piece ambiguous; a little levity outside of the crime(s) being committed. Day23 - Meteor Shower 
sweet-suzume's avatar
Well, I definitely feel the ambiguity there!  ha ha
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