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Bridgetown - invierno

EDIT: I've been meaning to update this pic with the finished version. Those of you who've been to my have already seen it, I'm sure.

I meant to do the rest of this series, but my job and other projects got in the way. ^~; It'll be done soon enough.

Thanks again to all the wonderful people who +fav'd it (esp. since it wasn't entirely done yet) :aww:
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So creative!!!  Love it!!  :D
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This is amazing!
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Makes me think of the Ponte Vecchio in Florence.  Great idea. :)
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I really love how you worked the housing into that arching bridge shape. Its got a great movement to it.
I have a big fascination about interlacing houses and doorways and stairways. I've had a lot of crazy dreams about them and I've seen some really amazing architecture built into high places like this. It just really gets my imagination rolling on the type of people who might live there. It must be really dangerous to walk down the stairs from the village in winter time.

(don't mind me. I'll just be cruising your gallery every once in a while xD)
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Thanks~! ^^ I have a thing for real-but-unreal architecture.

I had a few ideas, like how they live there to avoid avalanches and flooding (in the spring and summer). I should get back to it.

(aw, sure~ I'm mostly just doing my comic at the moment... XD)
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I wonder if this might either be a slum, or a section of an immense city, along the lines of Gormenghast, where one goes to buy illicit goods, or higher people of low character for the type of job you don't talk about in "civilized" company.
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Haha, maybe. I can't imagine anyone wanting to live further below! :phew:
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Thank you kindly. :aww:
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mama mia thats gorgeous!
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I like this piece A LOT. Something about it.. the simplicity of the design, the framing, it all just works! :D
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Aw, thanks. ^~ I'm big on larding on details, but I suppose it's simple in overall shape.
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Rreally nice design, looks like a fun place to visit!
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I like to make up worlds like that, yup. ^^
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Oh sweet jes this is AWESOME :D
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Thank yaaa~ :aww:
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I love buildings crammed into the environment. The regularity and angle here makes me think of these bridges as buttresses -- which then makes me wonder what they're buttressing. There would be some cavernous vault to the left, for a huge shipyard or mammoth (and mammoth) arena...

(Also, love the plumbing.)
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