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ALL TOGETHER NOW!! by 47ness (here's a follow-up pic I did)

My big and hearty THANK YOU to all the wonderful people I've gotten to know and follow over the past 10 years (+ this year) on DeviantArt. ^^

(don't forget to FULL-VIEW it!)

BOTTOM ROW (left to right):
• Kiwi from Wraithbound by :iconasiasisia:
• Master Cherry from A Steambot's Tale (cancelled) by :iconchildofpuck: and :iconhiliminarious:
• Sally & Pete from SSnPP by :icon47ness: :>
• Kas from Six Gates by :iconyiuokami:
• Saranye from Isolated by :iconshadow2k:
• Madison from Lunar Cry by :iconpechan:
• Belindraw as herself, :iconbelindraw:
• Rafe & Alex from Mechanima by :iconrobo-shark:
• Miss Diamond Dust & The Ace of Hearts by :iconsweet-suzume:
• Eki from Troll Tooth by :icontrolltooth:
• Miss Yuki from unamed sketch manga by :iconinisipis:
• Swagata from 24-hour comic project by :iconbluendmikki:
• Jack, Maddy, and Joey from Crankrats by :iconsio64:

SECOND ROW UP (left to right):
• Cat (the Cat) by :iconfrostbackcat:
• Penelope & Genji from Samurai Genji by :icondinmoney:
• Francis by :iconsakuyasworld:
• Curene by :iconserikaarenai:
• Finality by :iconurby:
• Nash from Children of Nowhere by :iconrhavencroft:
• Oliver from Skyreader by :iconnoirrac:
• Camillo from Ampere by :iconretromissile:
• Rambling Rose & The Bitter Rodeo (aka Rahki, Krissy, and Cavelier) from Heroes & Bandits by :iconrocky-o:
• Lucile & Lola (they're living guitars) by :iconkoui:
• Kamiko from This Mortal Coil by :iconalbinogrimby:
• Crocket from Hierofania by :iconludeshka:
• Harriet by :iconpaigehwarren:
• Rhaziel from Tales of a Bounty Hunter by :iconreganov:
• River & Moira from :Epoch Files by :iconelleoser: & :icongrimmoira:

THIRD ROW UP (left to right):
• Janette & Reed by :iconsuki-kitty:
• Arthur & Stradivari from Death of a Cantor by :icongreyfinch:
• Vidu & Skittlez from www.storyofthedoor.com/ by :iconblix-it:
• Black-Eye Jim & Kasia by :iconjesncin:
• Shiori from Shiori Series by :iconwbd:
• Charlie & Mr. Mania from What about Shadows by :iconjamfisher:
• Lillian & Jill from Spybeat Extra by :iconalistori:
• Val (elemental mode)* from Out of My Element by :iconlacuna-purify:
• Ruvi, Ari, & Tohes from A Totally Uncheesy Fairytale by :iconlithrel:
• Youhu by :iconzettablob:
• Az the Manticore by :iconweavrrcat:
• The Empty Suit from Thunderforce by :icongpapanto:
• Peter from Threadcaster by :iconjameson9101322:
• Pinup by :iconjustzaz:
• Swingline-tan by :iconbagshotrow:
• Shen by :icontwo-for-flinching:
• Unix-tan from Linux-tan Comic by :iconbellacielo:
• Kaine by :iconkatmilo:
• Jealousy by :iconmissangest:
• Arie by :iconsilvy-harpy:

UPPER SECTION (left to right):
• Renko & Maribel (kind of)** from Shatter by :iconbanzatou:
• Jethro & Monty from Jethro+Monty by :iconwraith11:
• Spektre by :iconarvalis:
• Sol by :iconviralsanctity:
• Adagio by :iconsweet-suzume:
• Tina & Micah from Gumamela by :icondklproductions:
• Weegii from Rebel Paws by :iconinkbottleinc:
• Edna & Leonard by :iconizmoroz:
• Cris & Ian from Angel Dust by :iconlaitma:

UPPERMOST (left to right):
• The T-Rex (we have a T-Rex!) from Dead Dinosaurio by :iconjavierhernandez:
• D Droid by :icondrawkill:
• Allegro by :iconcity-of-zeroes:
• Kara from Thirdborn by :icondalubnie:
• Kristi from Techgal by :iconindustrialcomics:
• Jet Dancer by :icondualmask:

Other people who deserve thanks and recognition (in no particular order):
:iconmrvelocity: :iconherogear: :iconmerkatch: :iconzii: :iconshinneth: :iconnerdcore: :iconkeight: :iconwoohooligan: :iconhungrysohma16: :iconroget: :iconswallowcut: :iconr-lowen: :iconjohnercek: :iconhessiand: :iconcocakura:(and probably another 50 people I'm blanking out on) ^^;

Thanks again all. :heart:
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cullyferg2010's avatar
Recognize a few.  Can't say from where.
47ness's avatar
It's okay~ I went out of my way to pick obscure characters/comics. :meow:
cullyferg2010's avatar
Looked like it.  I think I vaguely recognized 10% of the group shot.
RaysonWilliams's avatar
From the release of Dateless Bar Old Adam album and it's story, this doesn't feel far from something/somewhere they would end up.
47ness's avatar
Huh, I see...!
RaysonWilliams's avatar

If you can give it a glance, It's a pretty quick read.
And if possible try looking up the music and reading it with the story.
It really does enhance the experience. ok sign f2u 
Jeffanime's avatar
Overwhelmingly good!
47ness's avatar
Thanks...! :D 'Overwhelming' was certainly what I was going for. ^~
vxwarrior's avatar
This is certainly a place Maribel and Renko would be in. 8D
47ness's avatar
Haha. It was mostly an homage to Banzatou's comic featuring the pair, but yeah. :D
Zimoshi's avatar
Hey!I remember it!I saw it on 2014!I recovered a part of my childhood!
What a luck!

I wish one of my OCs would be there.;A;
47ness's avatar
Haha, yep, it's still here! Llama Emoji-37 (Teehee) [V2] (glad you re-found it~!)
vamp-kitty-meow's avatar
The detail and complexity in this is amazing!
47ness's avatar
Thanks. :D It took a while, but it was worth it~!
HungrySohma's avatar
I know I've never commented here before but know that I've always adored this pieced. Its such a bright and warm setting full of fun and cheer! x3

You seriously are super cool dude, never change >//w//< *hugs*
47ness's avatar
Thanks! I still like this one too, though I like the newer one better if only because it meant getting to add more characters (that I didn't know about yet...) ^^;

All the kisses 
HungrySohma's avatar
As you should! Im so happy to hear that! You really have such a positive outlook on your own artwork, and that is awesome! >w<
Also, making something like this is just so sentimental. :heart:
47ness's avatar
Yeah... That's a nice way to put it... Cat nods 
HungrySohma's avatar
But its true! OwO Your attitude towards your artwork is admirable!
I know several artists who just...well....hate their own work....
As much as I try to encourage them to love it still,
most of the time they just look at it with disgust. QwQ

So never lose that spirit! >w<)/ It can help inspire others dood! :star:
47ness's avatar
Mmm, yeah I think it comes naturally with all artists at various points in their lives. >.> All each of us can do is be supportive of the artists we care about and cheer 'em on~

HungrySohma's avatar
Exactly! >w< 

Its something that all artists go through, and we are all lucky to be there for one another! OwO
47ness's avatar
Yeah. ^~

I try to be as supportive as I can with my gf, but her main focus is original fiction writing. She says she works best when solitary + I don't think I ever give her any good advice in that department... ^^;
MeMyMine's avatar
How LONG did this take O_O
47ness's avatar
1 month. :)

The followup group drawing took four months though. :stare:
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