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Pokémon Bank is here! :dummy: (In Europe, Australia and New Zealand)

Too bad I still don't have a Gen 5 game. :'D
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Handmade skyland with a lot of content!
Full do-what-ever-you-want pvp in the pvp skylands!
Survive -> Build -> Loot -> KILL
Find hidden treasures!

Creative World
Build whatever you want! Make your creations come alive in the skyland pvp world!
Massive Tower of death? Lets add it to the pvp world!

50% OFF in our donator shop!

**Coming soon**
More minigames
More gamemodes if demanded

Server IP:

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Shiny Jolly Dratini!

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I've got some Timid Charmanders w/ Dragon Pulse,
and some Modest Squirtles w/ Dragon Pulse and Aura Sphere for you guys.

Trading for almost anything, but other good-natured or rare PokÚs are appreciated. :dummy:

FC: 3496-9235-8195
IGN: Lilly

I'm gonna head to bed for now, but hit me up for a trade if you see me online. 

Feel free to add me for Friend Safari or in general as well.
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What's up everyone!

Me and my friends' Minecraft Server is now live!

It's a survival server with PvP, but safe towns.
It's hosted in Sweden and a lot of people will be talking swedish, but anyone and everyone are welcome!
It is vanilla except for bukkit mods.
No whitelist.
No cheating!
Freebuild in the wilderness, limited building in towns.

Bukkit mods:
Multiverse (Coming Soon)

The adress is:

Looking forward to seeing you guys!
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Justing is being awesome with Pokemon Obsidian on livestream.…
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Hello Lads and Gals!

Today I present to you:

My custom Minecraft texturepack: Relative Time [16x]!…

Credits to :iconkyle-dove: for tiles I based one or two textures on!
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Minecraft version ONE-POINT-FUCKING-O, just got released. :dummy:
I was extremely bored, so I subtitled an awesome swedish song, that I command you to now listen to and smile!…

  • Listening to: I ditt bagage
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I was extremely bored, so I subtitled an awesome swedish song, that I command you to now listen to and smile!…

  • Listening to: I ditt bagage
  • Playing: Battlefield 3, Skyrim
Just me having a Livestream from 11.30 PM GMT+1

I'll be doing mapping, and maybe some tiling/spriting.

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From: :iconsailorvicious:

For each of the first 9 people who comment on this journal, I will choose three deviations I like most from his/her gallery on the list and display them here along with their icon.

IMPORTANT: If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing the list with 9 other people. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone.

1. :iconsailorvicious:………

2. :iconhydrargirium:………

3. :iconcilerba:………

4. :iconlovisa-star:………

5. :iconcallmegav:………

6. :iconrainsonata:………

7. :iconpeekychew:………

8. :icontyranitardark:………


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I'll post this youtube link, because I'm a despicable human-being, who wants more views on this video, to get an achievement in a game.…

Also: You'll find my Youtube channel. I've got some cool stuff there.
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Okay, so :iconbzuma: tagged me... >_<'

Let's do this!

1- Post these Rules
2- Tell 10 things about yourself
3- Tag 10 people from your friends list (or watchers)
4- Comment on each tagged person's page saying they've been tagged

1.) My name is Timmy.
2.) I didn't have a video-game console til I was 10.
3.) I used to be a ROM-hacker
4.) I am an awesome pixel-artist (If I may say so myself, XD)
5.) All Source-games are epic.
6.) I used to be like: "OMFG, Dewitty, Kyledove and Alucus are such awesome tile makers." Now I'm one of them. ^^
7.) I want to get a cat.
8.) I was told I was lactose-intolerant when I was 2. When I was 15, I learned I wasn't, and had missed Milk-chocolate my entire life, based on a mistake.
9.) My Friend :iconapower: and I plan to study at a Video-game-developing university.
10.) I wear USAF Pilot-sunglasses.

I Tag:

No-one, since nobody should have to suffer this kinda thing.
But if you want to do it, go ahead.
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Few artists are man/woman enough to openly answer any and all questions thrown at them. Are you? Prove it. Copy/Paste this as a new journal entry and answer every question you get.

The rules are simple:

-You must answer every question you get no matter what it's about and you must do so honestly (Unless it's extremely, hardcore personal)

-There are no questions that can not be asked as long as they are within the rules of DA. They can be personal, about oc's, and everything in between.

-Ask me however many you want

Bring it on, bitches!
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Okay, I'm so pissed right now...

Yesterday at 12PM/Today at 0 AM
Ghostbusters was on at tv4, and I was going to finally record
it, as I've never seen Ghostbusters, and this was the 5th or 6th
it was on.
But as unlucky as I am, I forgot to setup the record/fell asleep, so I couldn't record it manually! :'(

And on top of that, I just made a map in Hammer for Team fortress 2, and
the compile of the map has been compiling for the last 8 hours... o.o

Why does othing EVER work for me?!?!??!
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Everyone, have a happy Valentines day!
Ha en glad alla hjärtans dag, allihopa!
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From us all to All of you, a very merry Christmas!

Well, since we celebrate Christmas the the 24th instead of the 25th.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

God jul! Feliz Navidad! メリークリスマス!Merry Christmas! С Рождеством! Frohe Weihnachten!


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[-SST-]'s forums are finally up and running!
After a long time of preparing, graphics making, etc.
anyone is now allowed to join SST (Super Scripting Team)

For anyone who likes Source based games, Tactical Ops,
Game making with RMXP, RMVX, etc.
And Rom Hacking.

We'll add more as time goes by!

Anyhow, join SST, now!

We're waiting for ya!

//44tim44 [AKA] Colonel Tim
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