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AnipzisHobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday Ly! Day128 - Happy Birthday 
Thank you, Anipzis!
How did you remember it? I thought I had hidden the date XD

Sorry for the very late reply, there were some problems and I couldn't be on pc in these days ^^;
AnipzisHobbyist Digital Artist
Your welcome Ly! Bear Hug 
Hehe i 'member :giggle: because a week after your birthday is my birthday! :happy birthday:

How are you doing? (:
Hahaha, really?In this case, happy birthday to you too
 :party: PARTY HARD Party Tiems 

I'm home because of the covid situation. Also, a little sick, but it seems to be not the virus, since I'm under antibiotic P: 
It's all a quite strange situation here, almost dream-like for some aspects.

And you? how are you doing?
Hey, I'm alive again. XDDD How are you?
I come back to life every now and then (:

I'm mostly fine, almost broke a foot going down the stairs (it's recovering well, I just have some problems with fencing but a part for that no big problems).
I'm doin drawing stuff with kids, one-two hour a week to make them doing somehing afer school; it's not as fun as I imagined (the people who recruit me and my sis sell us the thing as 'doing some fun project wih kids, or teach them to draw' but in the reality we only go there and watch them drawing, while sometime helping to improve or correct something if they want or ask to. It is fun, for some ways, but I expected something different. Oh well, it's still a way to with someonelse.
And lastly I was involved into a friend's project about greatswords, he's a fan of them and is trying to classify as many as he can (therefore he always asks castles, museums and private collections if they allow him a visit). We went to as small castle for a day, end of January, to measure and catalogue some swords, unfortunately they left us very little of time and we only manage to do three. At least we saw lots of different weapons, even a beatiful example of a schiavona (a specific type of sword; it was so beautiful and well preserved, and felt so nice to keep in the hand!  *u* ).

For the rest, I just try to find my way in life, learn to use digital coloring well enought and spend some time and wonder what's the answer to everything and, more important the question (:

What about you,? it's nice to see you back ^^ 
Me too!

Oh, geez, sorry about that. :(

Is there anything stopping you from drawing along with them?
Even if you're not creating yourself, I've found that being around other people who are creating art, talking with them, helps my imagination considerably. :)

Wow, that sounds cool! Schiavonas are beautiful indeed, though I often prefer thinner blades.

Well we all know the answer is 42, it's the question that's the tricky part. lol

Thanks. I really do want to stay around this time.
Lots of chaos. I've moved again, out to a new place. Spent thousands of dollars and lots of time trying to put together a short film, have all the footage, and it just sits on my laptop because I'm terrified to edit and finish the damn thing. Still can't find a job.