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Undertale - Pasta Night


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Cilan Leave Meme 2 (SXS Memes)

XY Memes FINAL XY140-Onwards

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Hawlucha Greninja Farewell Meme

XY Memes Continued FULL XY80-139

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Ash Miette Meme

XY Memes FULL XY01-79

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150 Meme 2 (Original Memes P4)

Original Memes - Pokemon Origins

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Cilan Writers Meme (SSS2)

Poster Memes BW

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AAML Dance The Night Away (Colored)


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The Stride (Only Red)


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Nappa ft. Lil Green - Friday

Nappa – Friday (featuring Lil' Green) Nappa: Are we there yet? Vegeta: no Nappa: Are we there yet? Vegeta: No Nappa: Are we there yet? Vegeta: NO NO NO Nappa: Hey Vegeta Vegeta: WHAT! Nappa: Do you know what day it is? (Music starts playing) Vegeta: It is…oh god no Nappa: It is isn't it? Vegeta: Nappa please don't- Nappa: Ye-e-ah, ye-e-ah yeah yeah yeah Flyin' in space, can't tell when it's morning Gonna stay fresh, gonna play some Pokemon Gotta Catch em' All, use my Pokeballs Askin' if we're there because time is goin' Fricking on and on, and it's frustratin' Wanna go and blow stuff up Gotta blow stuff up, fire

Poetry and other literature

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Pokemon Favourites


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Fragmented Tales of the Nameless Man

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Neofight and Militator GVI

Gen7 designs

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Sushi Night -Song-

Sushi Night I throw my salmon in the air sometimes Sayin' Ayo, where'd my fish go? I was gonna make a nice fish pie Sayin' Ayo, maybe Next month I came to fish, fish, fish, fish Right when the sea is gettin' rich, rich, rich, rich So i'm gonna catch my favorite dish, dish, dish, dish Give me some space to board my ship, ship, ship, ship Yeah Yeah I got my old and good rod And got my good and super rod Yeah! I throw my salmon in the air sometimes Sayin' Ayo, where'd my fish go? I was gonna make a nice fish pie Sayin' Ayo, maybe next month Cos i got a Magikarp Eri's gone all night I'm gonna cook it up And have a Sushi Night

mix and crossovers

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Where's Your Dragons Now -Req-

Contests and Requests

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Venture Bench: Pokemon Journeys Episode 28

And we're back after a nice return to the usual form we are sticking in Galar for some Sobble Stuff This Stuff shall be of the Sobble Variety So don't wobble about the Sobble ...I'll start now Episode 28: Sobbing Sobble And here it is, all in its tearful glory And it wants the foods Do you think Farfetch'd worry about their weapon of choice which is also an endangered plant species gets used as their food of choice? "Wait a minute, you're not one of my many pokémon that I catch and neglect" Even the mightiest of warriors cannot handle Sobble's Big Tears Energy But damn Nurse Joy, how is it that Nurse Joy gets hotter and hotter the series after Brock leaves? but seriously? Goh catches Sobble!? Is Ash gonna catch ANY Galar Starters this Series!? Is Ash Event The Main Character Anymore!? The fuck is Goh gonna do with Sobble? Raboot barely does anything an that's his main Pokémon, god this is such a bad idea Even the TR Baloon is tired of this series' shit Why is that


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