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Viola Ash Meme 4



Tbh I think only few can top that
Maybe Whitney and her Miltank could
Brandon can definitely vouch for being the only leader to beat Ash more than once

but yeah, likeliness of Ash vs Grant will be Froakie and Pikachu being used (Unless Ash catches a new Pokémon)
Froakie'll probably beat Tyrunt but lose to Amaura's Freeze Dry, If Onix gets used it could be 3 on 3 and Fletchling might get an unlikely win with Steel Wing on Tyrunt and Froakie takes Onix
But i'm calling on Ash to win first time

As for right now, he's battling Tesla's Fletchling with Pikachu
A win will earn one a Frilly White Cloak, a defeat, will lead to nothing!

Pokémon is owned by TPCi
I Claim No Rights

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Even if the first victory was only to Ash's body while being controlled by the King of Pokélantis.