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Kyogre Crystal Meme (SixSixSix Memes)



with Charizard fighting Groudon, Kyogre makes a leap for the Crystal
which is a Megalith
which is also a Key Stone

so basically everyone's after a giant ass keystone, probably so they can harness the power of Mega evolution for say, Mega-ing your Gyarados and attaching its energy to a Genocidal Weapon :iconscarthinkingplz: and, other stuff i guess...

but then, DENIED!

Pokémon is Owned by TPCi
I Claim No Rights

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actually they Wanna Reck It because it's what powers up Rayquaza. Without the currently charging Megalith Stone Rayquaza could not MegaEvolve, and this not have the power to spank these 2 bickering legends in their super forms.