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Iris Rapeface meme

You see, i'd like Langley if she wasn't such a bitch =P

there was a few i could've done with these two but i stuck with this one

Please comment and enjoy :D

Pokémon is owned by Nintendo i claim no rights
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I see no rapeface, all I see is trollface.
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I nearly pee'd myself when I saw this picture. sorry for grossing someone out.
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Georgia's not a bitch! Still, funny expressions.
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she kinda is;
for one she ate all of Cilan's food while everyone wasn't looking and complained about it
she blamed her loss to Ash on the terrain
plus she has an ego bigger than Iris's hair
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Someone else who gets that Georgia doesn't deserve all the attention fans are giving her.
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It was an accident.

That sounds ludicrous at first, but when you think about it, she's right; it wasn't some turn-around strategy, it was pure luck.

I agree with that one!
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Luck is everywhere, she can't accept a victory where her Beartic beat a Joltik by falling on its back from the resulting attack and then blame luck for a defeat
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Don't bother to argue with him.

He's just angry that the world and the anime doesn't revolve around him.

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Actually, yes, she can. Not only is it funny as all hell, Joltik was at fault for latching onto Beartic and shocking from there. If it was a ranged attack, maybe.
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For the weirdest reason, everytime I look at this, I think about Panty and Stocking. :O_o: Guess it might be the way Iris and Langley's faces look. :D
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