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Iris Logic Meme

I mean she had 2 or 3 episodes head start on Cilan and has the same amount of Pokemon

she failed to catch Meowth, was stopped from catching Purrloin, couldn't catch Deino and was rejected by Tepig

You'd think she'd still be trying to catch some.

that's all for this time, see ya next episode

Pokemon is owned by Nintendo
I claim no rights

Please Comment and Enjoy :D
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Well, At this point people were already whining at the fact that she had Excadrill & Emolga, so they would probably do the same
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lol he seems to like her that way XD
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whaddup with the hair? XD
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it frizzed up after she was shocked by a Head Charge, making it look like an Afro and stopping the Bouffalant's from attacking
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well, the Bouffolant doenst talk, so.