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Iris Catch Meme 2 (S^3 Memes)


Just. Why?

How can you make Iris this Incompetent, at least James actually does things with his Pokémon but this is ridiculous
it took her 142 episodes to catch 2 Dragon Types!!!
Basically she caught half the amount of Pokémon she caught in BW

Why Do you Have to Give her so many Handouts!!!

...'because it would piss Danny off' springs to mind T_T

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I Claim No Rights

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what episode was this?
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It was a side story episode
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which one, i cant find it
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ss028, it wasn't aired outside of japan
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dang it

i wantd to see it
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*researches* Iris isn't alone! Ash's other female companions barely battled for their Pokemon, too!
-Dawn at least battled Buneary and Buizel (and I forgot, so maybe Pachirisu?)
-May only battled Skitty (again, I forgot, so maybe Wurmple?)
-And, I'm gonna go there by saying.................Misty only battled Corsola!

In conclusion, Iris isn't the only incompetent one about catching a Pokemon!
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90% of Misty's Pokemon were gym Pokemon with no backstory
And it's not like any of them were just given a fully evolved Pseudo Legendary
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True....But let's keep the following in mind:
-Misty only caught a dud Pokemon and, if she had a backstory like Brock did with his Onix, I would've allowed it
-Speaking of Misty, she could have a Mega Gyarados and Starmie's also a good Pokemon
-May potentially has Mega Blaziken and Mega Venusaur
-Dawn, while having no Mega potential Pokemon, she could get Typhlosion
-All Iris can get is Mega Garchomp, which seems slightly impossible due to Professor Sexymore
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At least we can let Axew slide, as that was her starter...I'll be in a corner now...
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I never notice that. Seeing these kind of details actually make her EVEN WORSE as a character X.X
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And the worst part is she didn't have to be written so poorly, but was... for reasons.
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but she fought Excadrill while it was still a Drillbur. o.O
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she didn't battle to catch it though, and not with Pokémon
In the end she didn't catch Drilbur out of hard work or battling for it, she caught him by saving him from a fall
KamenRiderPantsu's avatar
that was the end of it, yes, but she did spend along time trying to fight it because it was picking on the other pokemon. so she fought it more then Ash fought Krabby.
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if it was just Drilbur she did this to i'd be fine, but it's her Entire Team
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