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Georgia Dragonite Meme

Wait till you hear that she becomes a Champion in BW2 :iconwthplz:

Pokemon is owned by Nintendo
I Claim no rights

Please Comment and Enjoy :D
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Pffft a Dragonite ?

I caught a Shiny Dragonite hat in time

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That's how I feel about everyone who has a Dragonite in Pokémon Go.
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It's easy, just transfer it from your Pokemon Let's go Eevee/Pikachu.

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:iconpokemonirisplz:: Nigga's be salty fuck but I just keep on riding.

"Flies off on Dragonite"
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"Keep riding your Dragonite

I'll ride my Shiny Reshiram "

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I can't believe all of the bashing that's going on in the comments -- hypocrisy and double standards at their finest.

Other people get handed strong Pokemon, not only Lilia (Iris). Ash's Taubsi (Pidgeotto) was strong at the time he got it, Maike's Evoli (May's Eevee) was strong when it hatched, Lucia's (Dawn) Togekiss is a fully evolved Pokemon that was handed to her. Paul got handed an Ursaring that was his trump card. Misty got handed a Togepi she did NOT deserve. All of them are closer to the Sue label than Lilia will EVER be - especially Ash and Paul.
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Pidgeotto nor Eevee was hardly strong, not Dragonite-level strong! They needed training
Togepi was given to Misty by the mother vibe that Iris tries to copy, Dawn's Togekiss is still an insult to the original series and a rival having a strong Pokemon is not a handout and Iris was a poor character regardless of being a Sue or not
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Taubsi was strong at the point Ash got it, though.
People complained about Evoli and also Schiggy (Squirtle) being overpowered for baby Pokemon.
How does she "try" to copy it? And she still didn't earn it.
It is a handout, because anyone else could have caught it (the DP trio was there when he did)
How is she a poor character exactly?
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Well for one she isn't strong, she gets carried by her Pokemon, she had little dimension and Watered down the personalities of her predecessors
Her Pokemon get handouts too, look at her Axew, that can barely beat a Scraggy but could learn Giga Impact and Outrage
Not to mention the whole 'Dragon Master' vibe which was null from the 3 Dragons she didn't even battle in 143 episodes!
she tries to do the mother vibe but it falls short
Paul has other powerhouses though, Electrivire instantly comes to mind
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Doesn't everyone "get carried by their Pokemon"? How did she "water down" the personalities of her predecessors. Who do you think has lots of dimension in Pokemon?
Maike's Schiggy knew Ice Beam when it hatched. Many of the Pokemon belonging to the main cast of both past and present have evolved mid-battle which could be a handout itself.
Her "dragon master" story arc was more about furthering her as a character than a trainer.
I mentioned Ursaring because we saw him catch it in front of the main characters, and it became one of his most OP Pokemon.
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Electrivire was way stronger than Ursaring, thus why it was his last Pokémon in the Sinnoh League battle
And evolving Mid-Battle (Despite being a Deus Ex Machina) is still a demonstration of being trained
Iris didn't train her Pokémon, heck she didn't battle any of them, they were powerful without her, as shown by Dragonite's ability to win without obeying her
Her 'arc' was entirely stupid, sure it had potential but she caught 2 Dragons on her journey, one in a Side Story, lost against BOTH Dragon Type Gym Leaders, Drayden Twice and didn't do anything entirely Dragon Specific! I mean, Dawn and May entered specific contests and Misty competed in the Water-only Whirl Cup
She waters down the personalities since they're old traits from old characters; Type Specific Character that carries a baby-like Pokémon around and is afraid of a specific type
Sounds a lot like a Water-based Redhead that carries around a baby Pokémon and is afraid of Bug type Pokémon don't you think?

And of course, there is a lot of that around, Cilan's Lure, the fact that Dawn and May compete in the same area but they made it their own, for Iris she was just a girl who could climb trees, quote superstition and call Ash a kid
Thus meaning she's very one-dimensional, since a lot of her defining traits are not entirely her own
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Sorry, know this comment is old, but it's so bad it's hilarious.  You have no idea what "one-dimensional" means, nor do you seem to actually comprehend actual character development.  You're...well, such a KID!
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Yeah but around mid-DP it was OP.
She did train, most of the training happens off screen.
And Lucia's (Dawn) wasn't? Her contest arc and personality was a watered down Maike (May) but girlier. She never changed as a person, just stopped crying as much and became a stronger coordinator. Some good that did considering Zoe beat her.
Does she really have to do anything "Dragon specific" like dragon type tournaments? The Whirl Cup - which sucked - was a last minute event that was added in because Misty was doing nothing. 
The same can be said for nearly every character. She's just a sort of homage.

Maike made it her own, Lucia? No.
I can sum up other characters in just a few traits/interests too. Lucia is a whiny girl that says "No need to worry" and enters contests to live up to her mom. Rocko (Brock) just cooks, points out stuff, and flirts. Team Rocket in most series... this speaks for itself.
Take a look at those I pointed out before talking about others.
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yes but Paul trained his from an Elekid
There's no proof of that
I don't like Dawn, but she actually tried in things
The closest Dragon-relevant things that happened to Iris was losing to Dragon Gym Leaders (because they needed something to waste her SS and return to village episodes on and because Ash had 8 badges after battling Roxie) and helping a Druddigon perfect Dragon Claw using Ash's Tepig, in that time of the anime neither Brock nor Misty had as many episodes dedicated to them, but she kept Ash on his toes, Brock was resourceful, familial and knew a ton about Pokémon, he wasn't just the flirtatious ex-gym leader

There are many Many people who know that Iris is a poor character, she like Dawn is only bearable because she was handed good Pokémon to her for no reason other than the writers trying to find a reason for people to tolerate her
You have your own right to disagree, but it's not gonna change anyone's minds
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Why did Iris become a Mary Sue? Why?!?
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Iris didn't become a Mary Sue. She just got a Dragonite. Because she's a main character. And she's awesome. ;p
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So, by that logic, Ash is allowed to get Arceus out of nowhere just in time for a tournament and win flawlessly, and he won't be a Sue?
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That would make him a Sue, but only because it's frigging ARCEUS. Dragonite is a pseudo-Legendary, and one of the weaker ones overall at that. There's a big difference there. If Ash caught some other strong Pokemon out of nowhere before a tournament and he used it in it to win, then he wouldn't be a Sue. Just a main character that the plot favours.
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Just because they're the main characters doesn't make them any less Sue-ish. Unless Georgia comes back and curbstomps Dragonite, I'll still stand by my opinion on Iris being a Sue.
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And that totally won't make Georgia a Sue?
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No, because she LOST the first time, and was curbstomped. It'd actually be just karma.
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And Iris beating Georgia with Dragonite wasn't karma for Iris and Georgia's first battle in which Georgia curbstomped Iris?
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Iris: *trollface* U jealous, kid? XD
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Georgia: Jealous of being a failure? No way!
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