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Dawn vs Iris Meme


Current Companion vs Ex-Companion!
Incompetent vs Incompetent!

Dawn Never had this kind of challenge :sarcastic:
except from when she battled May in a contest

well, place your bets guys, no peeking

either way, i'm gonna be pleased and sad at the same time
pleased that one incompetent lost
but sad that another had to win

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That battle is probably just for fun

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Like we didn't see Dawn vs May. Totally not like that :3
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DAWN! she beat may. shes my favoourite!
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I say Iris because she's going to be the champion in bw2 and for the same reason she got the Dragonite. -3-
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Interference! Misty comes on stage and wins by killing them both with a level 9001 Garyados!:dummy: The world has been saved from a terrible fate! Dawn having a chance to win!
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I'm still super pissed that May lost that battle
more experience, better rivals (that she's beaten), better friggin Pokemon
loses to some amateur

Why writers?! WHY?!?!?
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i know the comment is old but remember may used glaceon it had disatvanage and glaceon is a young pokemon
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because they want the successors to appear superior
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would'da made Dawn more bearable if they had her miserably lose. *angry muttering* </Georgia moment>

BTW I watched some new eps on the Net

Not as far in to it as you are but *shrugs* :3
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well she was kinda toyed with by Dragonite; it took Mamoswine head on against its tusks and managed to throw it; second time it was overpowered and third time it was gonna get its arms frozen so went :iconfuckthisshitplz: and Dragon Rushed it
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yeah, but that's Dragonite
Dragonite is awesome hands down

May was using Glaceon
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