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Crossdressing Meme

In Ash's Defense, this is the first time where he doesn't have a reason
First time he needed a Badge
Second time he was helping a guy with confessing his feelings for a girl
Third time i think he was helping out in a cafe

this is just so Iris can bitchslap some plastics :shrug:

and Cilan...the Elesa Crossdress :iconscarredforlifeplz:
Never. Again.

but i think it's lost its value now :/

Pokemon is owned by Nintendo
I Claim no Rights

Please Comment and Enjoy :D
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Cilan's a rose princess!
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Well, this would be Ash's fourth time.:nod:
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actually, this is the fourth time ash has done this. X Y should have one too. I think. I don't watch too much pokemon
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The blush on Ash's face matches with his wig. :XD:
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link top watch episode/direct link to this episode description!!! please!
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Go to Bulbapedia and look for 'Beauties Battling for Pride and Prestige'
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email me if you can:
:) thks
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"this is just so Iris can bitchslap some plastics :shrug:" :rofl: best description EVAR
I feel that ash has cross-dressed every region except for johto.
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Wow. They fell for a name like 'Clianor'? Who runs these places!?
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omggggg omffffgg i cant get over how cute he looks HES ADORABLEEEE Ashyy boy your lucky Gary didnt see you LOL. The more he cross dresses the girlier it gets!
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[link] this is the ep in pictures
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that link made my day thanks :3
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I know, that's where I get the Screenshots :XD:
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ash looks good in that, cilian not so much
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Out of all of Ash's female disguises. This one was the best in my opinion (Ashley [when he took Erika's gym] was 2nd best). He actually looks like a girl in both
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He had a reason. Ash needed to get into a place only girls could get in. Also, strangley Pikachu folds his tail to make the heart shape to get in. Why the HELL would they go to this stupid place?! The only reason I can come up with is, they stole some ones Pokemon.
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because Female Pikachu have a sorta heart shape tip of their tail
Ash didn't have to go in there, it was just so Iris could get her own back at Maya insulting her pokemon
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Why did they (Cilan/Ash) have to come with her? Man Iris is a jerk.
(did you get black/white 2?)
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just got it today on day of release
Getting my Genesect now :la:

I personally have no clue, i can only suspect they were dragged along and only obliged due to screentime and so Snivy could mess the bitches up
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three words: "Kanto Leaders Tournament" :iconlaplz: think... water. :iconimhappyplz:
Roxie's gym is cool too.:)
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I know exactly who you're talking about :iconla-plz:
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And I don't! (yes I do) Why do you have to wait so long to get to do the battles? (I think you have to beat the game)
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