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Clemont Pokemon Meme

That We Know Of o_O
Yet O_O

And now it's time to bring out all the other 4 Pokémon the group of 4 have!

Pokémon is owned by TPCi
I Claim No Rights

Please Comment, Fave and Enjoy :D
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Syveon transformed into a human 
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I get the feeling he's use to kids her age trying to take his glasses thanks to Bonnie
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Cutest/Funniest scene in the XY anime. lol.:D (Big Grin) 
dem glasses of Clemont's though must be expensive, he's LUCKY she didn't take them off completely! LOL!
MPH3D's avatar
Little kid, you might want to back away from Eren. He has been known to kill, plus he can transform into a Titan.
Grabbergirl11's avatar
That's dangerous good thing he stopped her because the next thing you'll know is that his glasses will fall to the ground and smash into a million pieces and cause her to bleed. Then he'll need new glasses