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Ash Koffing Meme

dammit Ash

Pokemon is owned by Nintendo
I Claim No Rights
Please Comment and Enjoy :D
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In pokemon journeys he scans this Meowth

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Ash scans this Piplup THREE TIMES

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He the worst trainer ever. Team Rocket does better at beating Ash and Friends in Contest and They win 13 Times in Pokemon.
RedDinoDigimaster's avatar
what type of meme is this
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Let's not forgot that Zekrom gave him brain damage at the beginning of the saga.
Aqua-The-Smiter's avatar
And people ask why I'm a Reshiram fan.
WeirdButFriendly's avatar
Maybe Cilan and Iris don't know about Koffing and he wanted to let them know about it.
ArticWolfClaw's avatar
He scans evrey Pokemon he's already seen
Animeboyianpower's avatar
Every regional Pokédex has a different entry. Maybe Ash wants to see what the Dex says about them in other regions.
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Well, the last time Ash saw Koffing was in Pokemon Fashion Flash/Episode 28 (The last time James had Koffing before evolution was in Dig Those Diglett). And this is episode...*looks it up* 744.
42Dannybob's avatar
But this is still less than a year, he hadn't mentioned butterfree between his release and the decolore episode and that was a 766 episode gap
BeekerMaroo777's avatar
While that's true, he has mentioned Butterfree/Catperpie before in other episodes of different regions, like "A Trainer and Child Reunion" and "Thief That Keeps on Theiving"
bobstickman's avatar
Seriously tho, ash scans every pokemon he sees
Crazyhairedgurl's avatar
The Pokemon writers did this because there where new watchers know tell me would someone from the 1990s be 5-14 years old well my opinion
FoxGamer13's avatar
POKE LOGIC. It means nothing. Like how in every movie Mew is in, it makes Ash cheat death! ONLY TWO MOVIES \PEOPLE!
dawnbuneary's avatar
FrancisJeremyXavyer's avatar
The writers don't think Ash is the goldfish, they think WE'RE the goldfish. Assholes.
porgonz's avatar
so true! I mean if your a fan of POKEMON your gonna know!!!!
porgonz's avatar
And  They think we are also goldfish by not realizing he NEVER WINS AND LEAGUES AND ONLY ONES WHO REALIZE THAT ARE THE PEOPLE WHO WATCHED IT A LONG TIME LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FrancisJeremyXavyer's avatar
The only thing they care about is... MSN Smilie: Lickboot money 
porgonz's avatar
Yep but I still like pokemon because it is cool!
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