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Ash Greninja Pain Meme 2



Ah yes, the Pain Sharing

I wonder when that'd properly come into play rather that Ash just getting a little more tuckered out during the Transformation

I mean look at the difference
Ash - wow I feel like i've ran a 100m Sprint
Greninja - Dear God...Triple Marathon...

Inconsistencies T_T 
Plus we still have no explanation to the transformation -_-

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Ash Greninja makes no sense. If anything, it should be Ash-Pikachu, considering that Ash has a supposed much deeper relationship with Pikachu than with Greninja. But noooo, Greninja's gonna be the featured starter of the genaration. First it was Charizard, then it was all three Johto starters, then Sceptile, then Torterra and Infernape, then all three Unova starters (and also technically Charizard again) and now we''ve got Greninja. Nothing against the best starter of Gen 6, but it feels like Pikachu is no longer that much of a part of the story of the anime and more just the cute mascot and motivation for Team Rocket. That was a mouthful, sorry to rant, but someone needed to say it.