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Ash Greninja Logic Meme



We still seem to have just jumped over this part

2 Transformations and no coming to terms with it
It just happened and Ash acts okay with it

true he's probably seen weirder things but he's always had to come with terms with it

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In the Spanish subs, after the battle and Team Flare escapes, Clemont points out that the same thing happened in the Ninja Village and Ash replies something along the lines of "Yeah. For some reason, I felt that I had become Gekkouga". I think Ash is starting to question what that form is, however, since it was so close to the end of the episode, we didn't see much of that. That's just my take on the matter. As for why he didn't question it in either of the 2 battles with Ash-Greninja, let's face it, Ash was so focused on the battles that he didn't question where that form came form.
On a random side note, if Bonnie hugs Ash-Greninja into a Stunfisk, does Ash turn into a Stunfisk as well?