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{{gonna start this account all over again since I've been away so long-- sorry}}
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Yeah, sorry for being gone so long, I've just been rather pre-occupied with other things in real life. Anyways, I need your opinion. Since I was in a chat some time ago where Tetsuo was actually defeated and destroyed, should i reboot the account, back to before he went insane and start over? This won't affect ongoing rps however, i'll finish those.
RP Starter - Power
Tetsuo sat in the stone throne that overlooked the stadium, holding his arm and looking around at the destruction he had caused in the city. Heaps of rubble were everywhere from where his psychic blasts destroyed structures. Bodies were scattered here and there, of those who came earlier trying to kill him. He then shook some capsules around in his hand, and chuckled. "I feel like I could take on the world......" http://chat.deviantart.com/chat/AKIRA2019Stadium


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Madeline blinked, curiously gazing at the remains of what looked like a stadium. And letting that curiosity get the better of her, she started to walk across the rubble, making sure she was careful not to slip.
outofmaple; bonjour uwu
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In the stadium, he sat in the marble throne, holding his head, in a bit of pain. He rocked back and forth, wincing.

(sorry for late response, just been busy uvu)
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Once the blonde turned a corner, she spotted the boy. Being the curious little thing she was, she starter to climb over the rocks to get to him. She misplaced her footing trying to get there and slipped, falling right on jer bum.
outofmaple; ah, no, its alright.

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Hearing her fall, he looked up in that direction, squinting. "Who's there.....?"
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Standing up, she patted down her skirt and hid behind one of the fallen rock, feeling her heart start to race.
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Ah, many thanks for the watch good sir, might I ask why you watched the Prince?.
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"No particular reason, Really."