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My favorite fish lady.. Revamped to be the beauty she was always meant to be.. I'm very happy I could finally do her justice

◊ Name: Cleo | Klio

◊ Age: ???, October 13th

◊ Gender: Female

◊ Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

◊ Location: Traveling | Ocean

◊ Height: 2'04"

◊ Color: Maroon Oak | Cabaret

◊ Type: Water | Dragon | Fairy

◊ Ability: Liquid Voice | Rough Skin | Cute Charm

◊ Nature: Lonely

◊ Characteristic: Highly Curious

◊ Stats: ---

◊ Attacks:

  • Disarming Voice
  • Tail Whip
  • Sweet Kiss
  • Lucky Chant

Type Attribute:
  • Hydro Cannon
  • Aqua Tail
  • Sparkling Aria
  • Clanging Scales
  • Draco Meteor
  • Draining Kiss

  • Perish Song
  • Echoed Voice

◊ Likes:

  • The moon
  • Candy
  • The ocean
  • Being underwater
  • Flying
  • Pirates
  • Freedom
  • Bells
  • Singing

◊ Dislikes:

  • Poachers/Hunters
  • Dry weather
  • Her tail
  • Snobs
  • Being alone
  • Rude 'mons

◊ Personality:  

Main Traits: Compassionate | Observant | Conscientious | Curious | Deceptive | Dissociative | Stubborn | Cunning | Fickle | Strong-willed

Other Traits: Adventurous | Positive | Forthright | Independent | Vivacious | Competitive | Insecure | Careless | Defiant/Rebellious | Envious | Selfish

◊ History:

Cleo grew up in the shadow of her older sister, none other then the great leader of the Tribe of Lunam Vela. From birth, Cleo felt she was more of an outcast since instead of the traditional feather tails the tribes’ chus were born with, she was burdened with a rather large aquatic tail. If not for her fairy typing, she would have been useless to the tribe. She felt unwanted and it wasn’t helped that her sister was always in the spotlight, stealing away any glory Cleo thought she could have had. Because of this, Cleo quickly grew envious of her sister and began to become bitter towards her. In her younger years she would act out quite often in order to gain attention, but the obvious result was negative attention which only worsened Cleo’s need for love, acknowledgment, and affection. She felt hated by her tribe and unloved. She constantly tried to prove herself by means of selfish acts which only deepened the void between Cleo and her family.
When Cleo was around 17, she left the tribe unattended and got herself lost. It wasn't unusual that she did this, and as a result they would usually send out a scout to find her. Unfortunately, this time it was a poacher who found her first.
In her fight to get away, her wings were fully mutilated and for her, the entire world ended in that moment. To this day she can’t remembered who jumped in to save her, because she ran. She ran far and fast and never looked back. She could no longer fly, so in her mind any use she had to her tribe was gone. Cleo wandered for weeks before she finally came across the ocean. She decided then that that would be the best place for her to live. For the majority of almost 200 years she’s lived in the ocean, visiting land ever so often. 

◊ Fun Facts:
  • Cleo loves to sing, and even learned Perish Song to make good use of her voice. She uses it on evil men, and whenever she feels threatened.
  • Because of her deathly, but beautiful song, she has been referred to as a siren.
  • To make Perish Song stronger, more effective, and hit more targets, Cleo uses Echoed Voice with it sometimes. Doing this though drains her a lot.
  • Cleo has a thing for pirates and will often follow their ships, sernading them with her songs.
  • Before her wings where shredded, she used to spend a lot of time in the clouds at night, being as near to the moon as possible.
  • At night now, she can be found usually on a rock or the water’s surface just staring up at the moon longingly, as she wishes to be close to it again.
  • Cleo has had endless encounters with horrible hunters, poachers, and pirates that have tried to capture and/or kill her.
  • She stayed away from land for a long time because she’s scared of being judged harshly for her tail.
  • Her tail is incredibly heavy, slowing her down on land. In water, however, she’s learned how to use and move it with excellent precision. 
  • Her tail although heavy, is very strong and she knows how to wield it. She will not hesitate to smack someone hard with it.
  • She’s extremely lonely and because of this she dissociates a lot.
  • Her ears are always down.
  • When apart of her old tribe, her named was spelled Klio. She changed it after she left.
  • She’s often called ‘fish lady’ but doesn’t really pay mind to it.
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And all dat infooooooo

And her revamped design??

Exquisite 👌👌