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Welcome, this is Libbie speaking,,,

This Is Not A STAMP by Pizzaface4372 DONT SAY I NEVER GAVE YOU ANYTHING - F2U by WATERVOMIT This Is Not A STAMP by Pizzaface4372
By cookoori
you're not going to heaven if you die in a fursuit by lizardliker SMASH THAT FAV BUTTON TO KEEP IT 100 by mudslidecru5h you're not going to heaven if you die in a fursuit by lizardliker
wife [f2u] by FrostyButterflies
07 by d1irt piss [STAMP] by CAT-ALYST F2U STAMP: my mom found my vore folder :( by rubber--caat
because im sweet UvU) by TamaraC-Other F2U: YIFF STAMP by rubber--caat I hate when Trees crush my Dads stamp by gardenlore
FURRYY SLAYER by ibunroku bonzi buddy kin stamp by n-ihiIism her nose is huge by deadstamps
You Ok Reatard? I Am Wood by KyoyaP90x ANTI-WOMEN STAMP by anorexic-animations deviantART sucked my dick by lizardliker
Background by Ulfeid3

Checking out CARLOSWEED would be cool too,,,

whats ur opinion on the word pissa 

16 deviants said Pissa sounds like a baby trying to say Pizza while also having a piss fetish
3 deviants said PISSA!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THAT WORD

lol ur mum gAYYY

wassup issa connor time
enjoy your stay
or don't
either way I'm still cursed
hey I have a cult you know??
wanna join?



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um yeah this is a fucking issue 
(taken from my pinned comment w/ updates about whats happening in my why im not a scammer video)

"Update 12/9/2018 11:29 am : The callout post Josh made about me is now viewable again, painting me as a villain for tellin him to stop blaming his mental illnesses on everything he does and having a stroke over stupid shit publicly…
Update 12/6/2018 10:55 pm : The link to callout post LK made is deleted because he came to me and basically said he sucked Josh's dick just because he helped him in the pedophile situation he had. It literally happens everytime when someone says something to Josh, because Josh sits down and depends on LK and other people because he can't actually defend himself correctly. Thus causing more and more people to get involved and issues to get worse

great lol"

hey if ur gonna insult me, dont be a hypocrit for me pretty please 
because everytime you are, my left titty gets cancer

nasty asses smellin like pentagrin gross
ayyooo boys 
i uploaded this shit last night 
watch the whole entire video and read the pinned comments because if this progresses and gets worse and worse or better (unlikely) ill update it more 
the term "misinformation" gets abused more than the word depressed I swear to god 

LK: If you're gonna spwead miwsinfomwation abwout me bwhinw my bwack then nwote me u puwwy
me:  ha thats ironic since you blocked me and made a call out post spreading misinformation that I'm a scammer
Alright guys, im being wrongly accused of being a scammer and ya boy is gonna defend themself in a bit okay
Production has slowed and I can literally feel art block putting his hand on my shoulder and laughing at me h e lp
Disney U Alright by 401kittysajwhen people say someones a pedo when theyre literally in a relationship w/ a 3 year age gap 
no that is not pedophilla please 
it needs to be at least like a 5 or 6 year age gap 
and if the older person is turning 18 it doesnt mean theyre a pedo RIGHT THEN BECAUSE OF THAT 
as long as they stick to laws and wait till their gf/bf/*thing* is an adult before having sex then shits alright mate 

let me note that this video isn't directed towards Soup or attacking him
its rather just me explaining my point of view and why it makes sense (to at least me and other trans) to be truscum
holy fucking shit im crying 
Transcum Win by 401kittysajTranscum by 401kittysajsorry but you did this to yourself 
i literally have nothing to use my points on and i have like over 900 and all i keep doing is flexing on the poor send help 
im the deviant art ver of a souncloud rapper please fucking send help
also, though soup medic has blocked me i will continue to use and draw Terminal, despite being a funky lookin dog ^^
I was trying my best to be nice thanks for biting off my FUCKING BALLS 
jesus crist I liked your species and your art 
I didn't even want to start a hell fire w/ you I was just trying to be nice 
You Need Dysphoria To Be Trans by 401kittysaj
The whole reason why people say you need dysphoria to be trans is because if they don't have dysphoria they end up getting it and have to detransition 
its not some wild fantasy because it does in fact happen (literally all the time) 
don't try to throw me a "transtrenders don't exist!" card because they fucking do, theres people everywhere that will become trans because they think theyre gonna be cool and hip by being trans and when or if they actually get on T, they need to detransition after from because they literally destroyed their bodies from it 
thus making it harder to get T if you are an actual valid trans person w/ dysphoria 
and I'm talking about GENDER DYSPHORIA not BODY DYSPHORIA or any of the other dysphorias because theyre commonly misdiagnosed and/or self diagnosed 

If you want more infomation from someone who is ACTUALLY TRANS I'd recommend you'd give Kalvin Garrah a look into your eyes 
why are nearly all the good artists bad people?  Its such a shame and i wish I could rip off their powerful artist powers from their penis and stick it on someone who actually deserves it comment me some offers on this boy, he has a shit ton of art and I hate him and his existence 
yall im sobbing skdfhdsk <da:thumb id="770669475"/>LOOK AT THIS KSJHDFUIDKSNBDHS
i might have a small break bc im p dead rn but hopefully i'll be okay 
i remade my page coding bc it was stinky 


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