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It's time for some new management

Despite all of our feedback and our please. The admins and staff of DeviantArt still won't listen. Earlier today one staff member just told me that they "Appreciate" the feed back that we send. But I'm starting to think that their actions may show otherwise.

I say it's now time for DeviantArt to get some new management. A new team of staff and admins who are willing to work with us the community and help make DeviantArt a better place.

My fellow knights. This is a tough battle but even still we can't give up no matter the odds or how dark it gets.

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Yes indeed. I've heard about this person. Despite the 3 strike DMCA policy. It took up to 50 if not more reports plus campaigns to get them banned.

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the list of artists who reported her was over 100...but still DA's admins were phoning it in...bunch of twits.

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Indeed. You know I don't think they are the rightful people to be running the site. They need to step down and let a new crew take their place. And they also need to go back to business school.

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True so true...that and they need to get a whole lot of common sense I mean over 100 artists getting robbed and leaving.

SO many members of this site are unsatisfied with eclipse not only because it wasn't fully tested but also forced on to everyone...I mean honestly sometimes these days I barely know what DA is thinking.

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Yes indeed. I don't know if the admins are delusional or if they are just ignoring us and just want to do everything for themselves.

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I think they are not being monitored at all so they do what they want which is the bare minimum in hopes we all go away.

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Yeah...It's quite a mystery but no matter we won't stand for it.

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I was core. Nobody listened. whatever. Stopped being core for a long time.

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I've told them about the issues and gave them all of the reasons and yet they still ignore our please. And they assume right off the bat that we just want the Pre-Eclipse version back for nostalgia's sake. And they say "It won't return" despite the fact I gave them a good reason on why we don't want DeviantArt to be the way it currently is and we would much rather have a well built and properly function layout.

And they also said that they won't drop or change the layout either.

If they continue to exhibit this unacceptable behavior then they are not the ones to be running let alone owning the site. Because they are refusing to work with the community and just doing everything for themselves.

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Just report them to the athorities. They will just not listen. I wish Microsoft buy this site and fix this.

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Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, or Apple buying the site will just make the site worse in the long term.

Besides those monopolistic company's don't need any more stuff under there belt.

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WIX already vought it and they doing give a flying monkeys crap about anything other then profits

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I don't think we should get the authorities involved in this. It's too risky.

But what we will do is start a campaign or a movement to get a new crew to replace them.

We can add this to the list of goals for the Sunrise/Phoenix Movement.

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Honestly,I don't know how far down the rabbit hole dA has gone down,and I don't *want* to know. All I know is that there is indeed stuff here that doesn't belong on the Internet in general,let alone an art site,and yet people will defend it *as* art regardless. So yes,the authorities in my opinion should be informed.

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I know how far it’s gone. Let’s just say they’ve done several crimes.

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I understand how you feel. But the reason why I think it's risky is because either it may backfire and get us into legal trouble. Or it may result in DeviantArt being shut down.

I feel it's better if we campaign.

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I won't pull the "why not just leave" card because I know there are people who see the good in the site and utilize it. There's nothing wrong with that. I do think,however,that dA is probably beyond redemption but that's my own opinion and I won't push that.

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I get really annoyed when people pull the "why not just leave" card because that does nothing to help.

It's the equivalent to ignoring a wound, injury or other damage. It'll never heal or get repaired if you ignore it.

Things may seem dark for DA right now but perseverance will pull us through in the end. And we'll put an end to this night mare sooner or later.

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I apologize if I offended,it wasn't intentional. And you're right,ignoring it won't change anything. Hopefully change will come.

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I know it wasn't intentional.

Change will come and we can make it happen. But it takes time and patience.

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Any good news as of late? ANY at all?

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Nothing yet unfortunately.

But however I do have a report. So far there have been 4 "Pro-Eclipsers" who have either left or gotten booted.

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We might be at the very least just starting to get an edge over them.

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