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New Game Icons?
Yes, i will create new game icons from time to time when my time permits.

To do list:
:bulletgreen: Grid 2
:bulletgreen: WRC 3
:bulletgreen: Sins of a Solar Empire - Rebellion
:bulletred: Splinter Cell: Blacklist
:bulletgreen: Shootmania Storm
:bulletred: PlanetSide 2
:bulletred: Skyrim + Addons
:bulletred: Anno 2070
:bulletred: Black Mesa
:bulletgreen: CS:GO
:bulletred: Darkness 2
:bulletred: PayDay
:bulletred: Rayman Origins
:bulletred: Sleeping Dogs
:bulletred: Torchlight 2
:bulletgreen: X-COM
:bulletred: Assassin's Creed 3
:bulletgreen: SimCity
:bulletgreen: Tomb Raider
:bulletred: WoW + Addons
:bulletred: ARMA 3 Alpha
:bulletred: Sniper Ghost Warrior 2
:bulletred: Dead Space 3

Status Info:
:bulletred: = not ready
:bulletyellow: = coming soon
:bulletgreen: = download

@ #GameIcons deviant group
- I will delete every icon that violates my Creative Commons license.
- Users who disregard our rules are banished from the #GameIcons deviant group

Stop Art Theft - Info by 3xhumed

[+] // Ripperlist (People imitate my icons, edit or steal!)*

If you want are no longer on the list, remove all icons from your gallery to use the parts of my icons!

edook - *new
them4cgodfather -… *new
lavacaborracha - *new
blagoicons - *new
otakuwow *new
kikofakiko - *new
sidyseven -
mrmackdaddy -
dudjeras -
shu10 -
devilinme -
kazemasan -
markotodic -
robertocrespo -
southtuna -
fr33kycr33p -
darhymes -
bymyselph -
piratemartin -
griphass -
sidyseven -
tebokyon -
schnuffelkuschel -…
attia9654 -
superfear -
wr47h -
ahmed1sniper -
talrave -
them4cgodfather -…
deadly-rhythm -
wordsmithmkuk -
jfv00 -
bonscha -
bunnelle -
komic-graphics -
yurikenobi -
kennyi -
sad6549775 -
anycolour-youlike - anycolour-youlike.deviantart.c…
dragonmichael68 -…
grey0art -
pj-fry -
xxh3llraiserxx -
wrahkecup -
gimilkhor -
marciel84 -
papirnehezek -
wurnblade -
tisinrei -<sub>
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If you have a question on a game icon you please observe the following:

:bulletred: 1. Computer Games Only Titel
:bulletred: 2. correct spelling of the title game
:bulletred: 3. Link to cover a game or games website (400x400 or higher, not compressed!)


Question: How do I find a certain game icon?
Reply: click on my Gallery…


:bulletgreen: TXT… 26.10.2009
:bulletgreen: PDF…


256x256 PNG
Size: 317 MB
Files: 3.064 files

512x512 PNG
Size: 241 MB
Files: 657 files

256x256 ICO
Size: 674 MB
Files: 3.279 files

Project Files UFO
Size: 13,1 GB
Files: 3.192 files



The updated list of games I've moved in my forum… , where it can be easier for me to edit.</sub>

Tips for beginners want the games to create icons.

Invite one of these programs you download.
(If you use another graphics program makes sure you build the layers so that you can.)

:bulletgreen: Photoshop CS…
:bulletgreen: Gimp
:bulletgreen: Corel Draw…
:bulletgreen: Ulead Photoimpact X3…

Beginner Guide:
:bulletred: Game Icon Tutorial
:bulletred: Game Icon Preview Template

What dimensions should my icon?
(For Stardock's ObjectDock, RocketDock etc. the dimensions must be equal. A difference in height or width will distort your icon.)

:bulletgreen: 128x128
:bulletgreen: 256x256
:bulletgreen: 512x512

In which file format should I save my icons?
Save your icons in the file format from PNG (uncompressed).
And if you want to edit your files later, as a project file. In Photoshop this would be a PSD file.

How do I convert my icons in a different format?
There are several ways to do this.
Either you use a freeware program or shareware, there are even some online sites can convert the PNGs.

:bulletgreen: ConvertIcon
:bulletgreen: IcoFX
:bulletgreen: Axialis IconWorkshop

So what should I look when I create an icon?
The graphic should not touch the edge, always leave a few pixels distance.
If you add a shadow makes sure he does not go over the edge of time.

If your graphics smaller, generally the picture is a little fuzzy, as you can with a filter fix again.
Such filtering effects to sharpen an image you find in any good graphics program.

Additional tips
Addiction is the graphics you have not been compressed too much, otherwise the end result worse.
A good resource is the Google Image Search.
Remember, however, have to make sure you always remember the earlier you whether you are allowed to use the free graphics.
We also recommend the Fansitekit available for games.
If the colors of the graphics are a little pale and the color changes in your program.

How should I arrange the graphics?
Set the graphic as centrally as possible so that it looks good otherwise affects the final result is not homogeneous.
If you add a logo, it is either centered, if it matches the background image, or better below.
But remember to always leave a little space to the edge.

How do I create a transparent icon?
If you have an icon with transparency so you have to want this in your graphics program set in advance.
This function will create it under "new blank image" with transparency.
(Tutorial here:

How do I download a game icon right up in my gallery?
(It is advantageous to create a preview of your icon.)
Invite the first zip file or rar high, then the preview image around otherwise!

Why create a thumbnail?  
If you only invite png high, you will see an ugly black border around your icon.
To create a preview image it does not take much.
:bulletgreen: (400px × 450px .jpg or .png file format)

Where can I get Fansitekit?
(How do I search for Fansite Kit? Use the Google search and uses the following words: fansite kits download, or *game name* fansite kits download)

:bulletgreen: Dungeon Siege II…
:bulletgreen: Gothic II…
:bulletgreen: Fiesta Online…
:bulletgreen: Starcraft 2…
:bulletgreen: Last Chaos
:bulletgreen: Runes of Magic…
:bulletgreen: Gears of War…
:bulletgreen: The Sims 2…
:bulletgreen: Anno 1404…
:bulletgreen: Neverwinter Nights…

How do I get original DVD cover?
(used to easily search Google Images and type in the search bar the following terms: boxart pc)
Google Image Search…

If you still think of more tips, write me a comment.
greets Matthias aka 3xhumed